Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Slightly Different Chapter

It seems that Pia's sheepdog training is a little on hold at the moment, so this week we *might* be off on a bit of a different adventure.  This week I'm going to see about Pia and I taking a pre-agility class.  I haven't stepped foot into an agility ring since Chuck #1 left, so it's been probably since 2007.  Boy does that ever bring back memories!  I miss the Bree sometimes.

Photos by Julie Poudrier:

 Ahhhh sweet wild Bree.  Such a fun (if naughty) little dog.

There are many things about Pia that remind me of Bree... the inability to keep her feet on the ground for one.  The speed, the joy, the opinions...

So anyway, Pia's supposed to get evaluated this week since she's never had an official obedience class.  I'm pretty sure she's going to embarrass me.  I'm even taking a back up dog just in case (Linc).  I think it would be fun to do something more than what little I'm doing right now with Pia, and she's FAST and enthusiastic. I may get her out of the car and she might lose her mind.  Then again, she may be spectacular.  I never really know what to expect with her.  She always keeps me thinking!

Then in two weeks the boy dogs get to work another sheepdog trial at Robin's. Ginger turns 16 a week from today.  June is hanging in there, mostly just holding down the couch.  Life is good for the Crazies.

Now I'm just hoping that in the face of distraction Pia can remember what a sit, lie down, or stay is.  Pia likes other dogs, though there's always the run up and grovel factor I have to worry about.  Maybe I'll smear myself all over with sardines.  Maybe she'll show our possible new agility teacher her wonderful recall... you know, the one I taught her by letting her jump up on me at the end?  That one.  She'll love it!

I hope I have something less than humiliating to report later this week.


Doniene said...

Hey girlfriend - just thought about you the other day! What a great way to go with Pia - keep us posted we wanna know (even the @#$#@%!@#^^ things!! LOL)

Blessings and hugs!

Laura Carson said...

Thanks, Doniene! I was thinking of you the other day too. Will let you know how it all goes! I think we'll have some fun. ;)