Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Tiny Little Garden

I have a tiny little house and a tiny little yard - so it would make sense to have a tiny little garden, right? This is the first time I've ever tried to grow any sort of vegetables, and I'm pretty excited. Chuck made me two 2x4 garden boxes (with plywood bottoms that have drainage holes) and brought me feet to set them up on. I got some compost from Julie, and then Chuck helped me fill one of the boxes, and I planted a green pepper plant, two jalopeno pepper plants, lettuce, and spinach:
There is a cherry tomato plant in the back left corner, but I think it's going to need to be pulled out and hung also. But I needed to get it out of it's tiny little pot. Then Chuck helped me hang some tomato plants in these "Topsy Turvy" planters:

So I'll be interested to see how it works out. I have one more box to set up - and I'm planning to do some green beans and whatnot in it. Surprisingly I already have sprouts from the seeds (planted a week ago yesterday) and I already have tiny flowers on my hanging tomato plants. So far I'm finding this to be rather fun, and I haven't killed anything yet.


Kelly said...

Anytime you want to work a big garden you can come down this way. We have 2 acres of corn alone planted!!

Debbie P said...

I started a garden last year and it isn't much bigger than what you have. We got more than enough tomatoes and squash out of it! I want to try that upside down tomato thing too!

Paige said...

that's really kind of awesome! I want to do upside down tomatoes. Tomatoes are so expensive to buy but so easy and cheap to grow... I can't wait to see your harvest!

BCxFour said...

I love your mini garden! Raised bed gardens are the way to go in tiny spaces. When we were stationed at Fort Bragg I had the BEST garden one year - all in raised beds. I made the mistake of planting 12 tomato plants, underestimating how much they would yield in the NC heat. WOW, everyone in our area of post housing ate tomatoes on us for a couple of months. (I was too lazy to can). How are you keeping the dogs away from it? Any issues with them digging? I have raised beds in our yard now and Bonnie dug up all of my strawberries. *sigh*

Robin French said...

Hey, your squash plants went in today in your garden annex. ;-)

Laura Carson said...

LOL! Garden annex. hehe

Kelly - that's the reason behind the tiny garden (other than lack of space) - that it's tiny. But if I get to jonesing for a big effort I'll let you know. ;)

Deb & Paige - I'll let you guys know how the hanging dealie goes!

Carolynn, the dogs have mostly left it alone. First few days I did find a few Linc nose prints, and then yesterday he decided to annoint the side of the box, but mostly they're leaving it be. I am thinking I might put an ex-pen around it though! I'm seriously considering canning this year if I wind up with more than I can use (and give away).

Rachel said... fun! I want an herb garden but I can't keep much alive in the way of plants. I have a planter out front that Gwyn insists on digging her hands into every morning!