Thursday, April 16, 2009

Living More Frugally

I am down to one and a half Diet Mtn Dews per day as of today. That is the 16oz bottles, which are my favorite. I have not ripped anyone's head off yet today.

My goal is to get down to one per day - maybe even none. Realistically... one sounds good. I loves me some diet dew (and drinking only one per day will save me $30/month). That's right up there with BCF's and chocolate. I can let go of the BCF's (the plan there is no more than once a month... the days of three a week are gone, and my behind is thanking me for it) and I'm pretty much going to nix chocolate - all but a small bit of the good stuff. Don't you worry Ben - I'm not completely dumping you, or Jerry either. We just can't spend as much time together. We needed a break anyway. We can see other people for a while, right?

Anyway, I've revamped my budget - cutting out a few things, and cutting WAY back on others. However, the place I have the biggest wiggle room is my grocery budget. My friend, Jen at always amazes me with her frugal ways - and I've gotten many ideas at her suggestion. I believe she has some great frugal living links on her blog - check it out. I'm going to try the coupon thing again (with more dedication this time) and I've also been reminded of shopping at Aldi - which generally will save me about 50% when compared to my usual grocery store.

I'm getting ready to plant my first ever (tiny little) garden here in a few days. Thanks be to Chuck Coble for making me two quite lovely garden boxes to go on my patio. I hope there will be enough to freeze or can some. This is assuming something actually grows. Hah!

I went through the house at lunch today and unplugged every appliance with a clock that wasn't in use (like my alarm clock) - along with my spare cordless phone charger. What does one human need with two phone chargers in a house as small as mine? I unplugged the microwave, two VCR's, and also turned off the clock on the stove. I'm setting the thermostat up at about 78 this summer again.

I'm cooking more, eating out (far) less, and the suggestion from my good friend Sandy has been that for Girls' Nights to covered dish to each others' houses. I'm game! I'm also open for any suggestions, so anyone who has any I'd love to hear them!


sheepkelpie said...

Keep windows covered with drapes/curtains/shades in the heat of the day. Keep your freezer full (that reduces the work it has to do). Make your own coffee every day. Eat fruit for breakfast. Shop the sales. There are groups that keep you abreast of this stuff. Eat more chicken...

Save on your dog food where you can. Healthwise (by natura) is not too cheap anymore, but way cheaper than canidae. Order hw and flea/tick meds at reputable online company. Keep your gas tank at 1/2 full or more. turn your computer off at night.

That's all for now...

Darci said...

I want to be strong like you.
Tell Ben and Jerry they are welcome at my house anytime! LOL

jeninslo said...

Aw, thanks, Laura! :) You're gonna be a frugal rock star before you know it.

I haven't written anything frugally on my blog in ages, but I have half a post about all my reasons for why frugal is important even if you don't have to be in the draft stage. :) Maybe now I'll actually finish it. :p

BCxFour said...

Here is one: Put a large mason jar in your toilet tank (upright without a lid). When you flush it saves that much water each time. Saves water and money, all in one flush! WOOHOO!

Laura Carson said...

Sheepkelpie - thank you! I'll do you one better - they give us free coffee at work every morning. lol

Darci - I'm sure your kindness will make poor Ben and poor Jerry feel much more loved. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Jen - you've been very much an inspiration to me. You'd better get cracking! lol

Carolynn, good idea! When my ex-husband changed out part of the flusherhickey the new ones stay open WAY too long. I *think* he put something in there to fix that, but they seem to have reverted. I'll take a look - but the jar idea is a good one! Won't it fill with water though?

Robin French said...

You can use a full 2 liter bottle too for the same thing.

What i want to know is, can we banish Ben & Jerry and Little Debbie to some deserted island somewhere? ;-)