Monday, April 6, 2009

Ode to My Love

O' my dearest love, how I've treasured thee in such sweet moments of gluttony
Thou hast given me great delight in thy goldeny goodness
The crisp, the salt, oh the gooey potatoey delight shall forever be with me
When we shall again meet I do not know
All I know is that in this parting sorrow I have truly loved thee with unwavering depths
Goodbye for now, my greatest love, as tonight will be our last commune for a while
My dreams will forever be filled with your crunchiness
My thighs will forever carry the marks of my devotion
I am bereft at our parting, but I know that we shall be together again
I cannot long be without you, but for now I must
My buttocks depend on it

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Robin French said...

Girl, you so crazy! ;-)

Debbie P said...

That was GREAT! And I understand that love affair with food. We must move on.....sniff sniff

Laura said...

That was the funniest thing I've read in a very long time! I so feel your pain!

Paula said...


I just finished some oven baked sweet potato "fries". Any way I can convince you that they're *just* as good? No? Didn't think so!

Laura Carson said...

Thus reads the words of a desperate woman. LOL

What's sad is that there is quite the kernel of truth behind the whole thing. Eh, well.

*sigh* Besides... it appears that no good gluttony deed goes unpunished, because I truly have gone overboard. If I were a cat I'd be harking up a hairball right now. As it is I'm just going to have to suffer. Bloated is a mild descriptor.

By this time tomorrow I'll be feeling righteous though.

Julie Poudrier said...

Your partner in potato-licious crime is also feeling a bit overstuffed, but boy was that parting such sweet, um, gluttony. ;-)

Ack! I'm getting ready to miss 24 if I don't get my bacon-cheese-fried arse in gear....


Laura Carson said...

If you look in yer box you'll see I left you a surprise dessert, too. :) I'm only telling you so you can put it somewhere safe.

Partners in potato-licious crime. Bwaahahahahahahaa!!!

Chasing The Dog said...

parting is such sweet sorrow.

there's a block of cheese mourning my loss.