Friday, April 10, 2009

Upset Tummy Relief

Julie and I were out shopping at my favorite small health food co-op, and I was telling her about Slippery Elm Bark powder, aka upset tummy relief in my house. It can be found in many different forms (from a coarse powder, to a find powder, to hunks of the actual bark) but my preference is the fine powder.

Slippery Elm Bark works to soothe the lining of the intestines. It is one of my go-to things, and I try to never be without it. Often I'll mix in some pro-biotics as well. Here's how you use it: 1/4 tsp per 10 lbs of dog, into a bowl. Stir in some water until it's a gooeygluey mucousy like substance, and then feed it to the dog. I generally give it on top of sticky white rice, but I have a few dogs that will eat it by itself.

According to Nick, however, it's "Not Food" when given by itself. It's sort of barely food when given with other things. In the above picture he was afraid I would make him eat some. So, try it next time YOU have an upset tummy, or one of your dogs does (the below linked article gives preparations for humans ). I'd be interested to hear the results. I know the results for MY dogs. To read up some on it go here:

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