Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Crazies Ride Again

Finally.  After what feels like forever the Crazies and I are headed out to a trial this weekend at Dr. Ben Ousley's place in Lawndale, NC.  I'm pretty excited to be getting the dogs out again, and they always love to just... go.  I'm running Nick in Open, and Linc in ProNovice.  As much as I hate that it's Linc's Nursery year and he's missing it, the truth is he's JUST not ready.  Anyway, I'm looking SO forward to getting out and seeing everyone, and just getting away from home for a few days.
It has been a week of challenges though.  The CrazyMobile's starter went out on me this week.  I rolled 220K miles recently, and with every bit that passes I worry about how long she'll hold up.  Plus, I have gotten nothing done in preparation for leaving.  NOTHING.  That's like double extra zero.  The plan (yeah, whatever) was to leave around noon tomorrow and more or less caravan over with Julie.  Well... I will get home from work tonight around 6pm.  At that point I still have to do laundry, mow, vacuum, grocery shop, pack, load the van, water my garden, get gas and get going.  This is assuming I make it to Target at lunch to pick up some things I need there.  If that doesn't happen I'll have to add THAT to my list too.  I just don't see how it's all going to happen by lunch time tomorrow.
Did I mention that I have been a grump of the first order?  If I were to have some sort of re-naming ceremony I'd be "Grumpimous Maximous".  Imagine going through the rest of your life with a name like that.  Picture an evil PMSey version of a Sleestak.  Yup, that's me.  Lets see... in the last 24 hours I've managed to inadvertently upset a friend, send my dogs hiding, and then somehow managed to walk off and leave my coffee at home this morning - thus contributing to my feelings of ill will.  I feel like a deranged fishwife with bed head on the inside.  But hey, today is cheerful bright green shirt day!  At least outwardly I'm exuding daylight and daisies.  Maybe according to the power of positive thinking my bright green cheerful shirt will make me feel better.  Oh wait, osmosis.  Or whatever. 
In all seriousness, though, for the sake of my dogs I'm going to just get over it.  I've just got to get my groove back is all.  I've lost my going trialing mojo.  My train has derailed with this extended time off, so I just have to get back on the tracks.  It's going to be a FUN weekend, with good friends.  See you all there!  I'll be the one with the bed head on the inside.