Wednesday, February 11, 2009


That's Linc just last weekend, at 13 months.

I'm a slacker. There, I said it. No updates in what, a week? Let's see - Nick is up to two 20 min jog/lope sessions a day (unless you prefer english terms, and then it's trot/canter) and one of those is to be followed by five minutes on sheep. Later this week we up that to ten mins of stockwork. The doctor thinks he'll probably release Nick for all regular activity by next week. Nick's looking good and sound (and someone beat me for being hypersensitive over things that he NORMALLY DOES).

He's happy to be working again - and he's a little like a bull in a china shop. Stop? Who me? Slicy icky flanks, too, but he's happy. MAN is he happy. I could stand for him to be slightly less happy. After I feel sure that he's good and solid I'll be about reminding him that he does know how to flank appropriately, and does know how to stop, call off, and LISTEN when I speak to him. For the moment I'm just letting him work. Five minutes is a LONG time with some dogs, but it seems like such a SHORT time with him right now.

Linc is looking good. Really good. It appears we've made it over some humps in the last week, and I'm really enjoying him. Those yellow eyes are startling though - particularly on the backdrop of that all black face. He's looking like he's going to have some eye (good), and a good amount of power (also good). I think he's also going to be a pretty good listener, actually. He's thinking, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. He's *got* the whole lie down thing, and he seems to be pretty sensible actually.

So this week I'm Julie's constant companion. I sure will be glad when things are back to normal, though, because I am exhausted. I'm tired of the worry (which is part of my wiring), and tired of all the running around. But... I sure am glad to be working my main man again.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad that someone else worries as much as I do....
I mean I thought I was the only one who drove Julie crazy with all the questions (the stem from me worrying) :)

Laura Carson said...

No, I promise you're not alone. I try really hard not to worry, and fail miserably most of the time. I've been worried sick over Nick being hurt, and worried every step of the way - and am frustratingly hypersensitive to every move he makes. I've actually kept myself reasonably under control as to worrying out loud repeatedly to everyone else - which is probably why my stomach is in a constant state of turmoil.


You're always welcome to email me -fellow worriers unite!

Nancy O said...


I can join you with being a top 10 worrier. Of course I've had good reason, 2 dogs with shoulder surgery, both back to working full time (by the way a golf cart makes a great way to excerise those dogs that need to be trotted for 20mins)

Then last night the pipster jumps off my lap before I can catch him and yup, falls on the same left shoulder that my other dogs hurt! He just kinda collapsed on it, YIKES!

still limping this morning but then seemed to walk most of it off.

Worry, me worry about shoulder injuries!

Laura Carson said...

Aw, man, would I love a golf cart. I'll admit it's been good for me to be more active, but MAN is it exhausting.

I hear ya - I would have had a heart attack on the spot when he jumped off of your lap. Hope he's just fine! They sometimes I think conspire to give us ulcers.

I keep telling myself not to worry. It mostly doesn't work.