Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 Things

I've been tagged by Julie at http://www.willowsrest.blogspot.com/ to participate in this meme, so here we go. I'm afraid if you're looking for waxing poetic about butterflies and lilies this won't be THAT list.

6 things that I appreciate that may, to someone else, seem unimportant, but to me are precious:

1. Lip Stuff (balm, gloss, whatever) There's nothing in this world I hate more than sticky lips. If I try to leave the house without it I go back for it.
2. Granny Panties They don't win any sexy points, but sure are comfy. Matter of fact, add comfy pants to this one too. I hate being pinched by clothes. Hate. What's worse is that most undies these days are either cut up to your eyeballs, or down past your hipbones. Yay for Granny Panties I say!
3. Having most of my Family nearby While in some ways it can be difficult, it's nice to be able to just "duck in" or stop by and see them.
4. Bacon Cheese Fries You knew that had to be in there.
5. Getting in out of the rain
6. The feel of my dogs laid out against my back at night (until they make me start to sweat that is).

Ok, so maybe I almost waxed poetic there for a moment. There are so many things I appreciate that make my life better, easier and fuller. I need to tag what was it, six people? Five? I'll think on it.

Trial report will be coming tomorrow probably. Today I'm trying to recover.

Ok, I'm back. I've thought, and I'm going to try to tag some that haven't posted much lately. Then I'm going to email them and harrass them into submission. Hah!

Rachel - http://www.brassinefamily.com/
Jen - http://www.jeninslo.blogspot.com/
Kathy - http://www.sognvalleybc.blogspot.com/
Kelly - www.timberviewfarm.blogspot.com

and then not slackers, but I'd love to hear from

Carolynn - http://www.bcxfour.blogspot.com/
Chasing the Dog - http://www.wannabestockdog.com/

Cough it up. Please?


Julie Poudrier said...

So when do we go for the celebratory BCFs? Wouldn't want you to miss a chance at one of the things you appreciate most! ;-)

Laura Carson said...

lol! Whenever you're ready man. Mom has some egg cartons for you, by the way. I could dig some BCF's especially since I'm down 3 lbs since last week. Wait, isn't that like halting progress?

Rachel said...

Not if you count the BCF's into your points!!! Eat some for me...or come visit me in G'ville where we have a Ham's with YUMMY BCF's!!!

Looking forward to your trial update!

I'll be good and try to come up with 6 things I appreciate some time this week!

kristi said...

Granny pants? Do you remember the scene in Bridget Jones's Diary between Bridget and Daniel Cleaver? :-)

Can't wait to hear the trial update!

jeninslo said...

Mmm, Bacon Cheese Fries. Eat some for me, too. They don't have any calories when you eat them for someone else.

Thanks for tagging me. I have writers block; now I have something to write. LOL

BCxFour said...

ooh you tagged me and I missed it! Okay...coughing it up tonight and will post tomorrow.

Laura Carson said...

Yay! My abuse is widespread. lol I'm always glad to enable, harrass, or otherwise break up one's writer's block.