Monday, July 20, 2009

Airs Above the Ground

Airs Above the Ground... aka Shedding with Cheviots.

Some days we all feel like that, Nick.

Robin took these yesterday while we were doing a wee bit of shedding. You can see his lip is still wrinkled on this second shot. I had no idea they were taking pictures until the peanut gallery started howling with laughter. She decided to try to bolt about the time I started calling him through. Silly girl to think of such a thing.

Nick was looking good yesterday - having a ball with this shedding thing. Linc looked really good - he's digging this driving thing. I think the practical work of last week was a really good thing for Linc and I - the "we are a team" thing has done wonders for him. For that matter it's done wonders for me too - it helped me to feel like I could relax and trust him more. He got to work his way through gathering a small group of lambs (with one crazy cheviot ewe) up in the woods and deep grass - and we worked together to basically thread them through an opening in the pens that was like threading a needle. Good stuff - it wasn't easy but good experience for us both.

I don't know if dogs (like Nick) get pouty when the human chooses to use another dog instead of them - but the idea is to use Linc for as much practical stuff as I can get for him. Nick's been my right hand since... well... since about the time I got a stop on him. It feels weird to leave him sitting while I pull out Linc - and I'll admit to a tiny bit of guilt. However, he doesn't appear to be offended, so I'm not sure that dogs reason like that.

It's interesting the differences in these dogs. It's a fascinating journey where often I find myself just hanging on by my fingernails at best. I'm sure enjoying the ride though!

Photos by Robin French


Robin French said...

I really think there ought to be some sort of caption contest for that second picture.

Laura Carson said...

LOL!! There really should be. If the photo were standing alone in particular it would be... interesting. hah! The look on Nick's face in each one is just priceless.

BCxFour said...

I LOVE both of the pictures! Excellent! The second one made me laugh out loud.

Barbara said...

'K so I'm trying to keep up here...there are heavy sheep, light sheep, and *flying* sheep?

Great doggie facial expressions :)

Laura Carson said...

lol There are heavy sheep, light sheep, and then there are Cheviots. lol!!!

Chasing The Dog said...

That first picture is awesome. The ewe looks like she ninja kicked poor Nick in the face.