Saturday, February 5, 2011

Irish Potato

The other night I was weighing myself when the Small Dog wandered into the bathroom. I thought, "Hey! I should weigh him too!" So I picked him up, blah blah blah. I'm not really sure exactly how it happened, but I suspect that the vertigo I've been dealing with this week had something to do with it. As I started to put him down he started paddling at about 1-1/2 feet off of the ground. I dropped him right on his Irish Potato (my Papaw pronounced it more like "arsh tater". We've discussed this paddling thing many times, and he still doesn't seem to understand that doing that might get him dropped. Well, it finally did.

He made a noise like, "YEERRRRK!" and then got up all puffed up. He was going to Kick. My. Behind. 11.4 pound Zippy was going to throw down on me. Never mind the fact that he came up three legged lame - hopping around holding a front leg up in the air - he was going to put the Smackdown on me. He meant business, and he was one pissed off fluffy dog. I should have run for my life. Instead, I laughed.

Is it wrong that I laughed? I think maybe the whole three-legged-lame thing makes it pretty wrong. Is it wrong that I fussed at him for being an idiot and making me drop him? I have to wonder if there's a REASON why I have no children, and that is because I'd drop them on their heads and then laugh?

Had it been one of the border collies they would have slunk off determined I was orchestrating some insidious plot to kill them. I would be untrusted for at least a few hours, maybe more just in case. Not Zippy though, he gets up all plucky. He doesn't get scared. He gets mad.

After a few minutes he was again walking normally. However, I really do think that maybe he could have seriously beat me up. He definitely believed it.


Jean said...

I'b be watching my back ...... he is no doubt plotting his revenge and waiting for just the right moment!
Charley always did that paddling motion when I used to pick her up. I never dropped her on her Irish Potato but I do recall dropping her on her head a few times!
No need to feel badly for laughing. It is their own silly fault.
And now I better watch my back, 'cuz Charley is studying the computer screen rather closely - probably reading what I just wrote.

Paula said...

I'm just catching up! So glad to see you're blogging again. I've got a smile on, just reading. :)

georgia little pea said...

Hello. I'm dropping by from my life with the critters.

I really enjoyed reading about Zippy and his irish potato. He sounds as fierce as all the littledogs that live in my neighbourhood!

You have a really interesting bunch of Other Dogs too :)

Have a happy weekend!

Laura Carson said...

@Jean, lol! Yeah, the little plotters.

@Paula, *waves madly* Hi! I'm trying to blog more. Promise!

@ georgia little pea: nice to "meet" you! So glad you stopped by. :)