Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend Dog Working and Vertigo

Weekend Dog Working

Last weekend I went out to Robin's to hang and work dogs (and to do some trial prep, but I was off helping Julie unload Ewes with newborn lambs that she'd taken back to her place and I missed the work part). I took everyone with and Zippy was quite the wildman - having zoomies all over the place. He almost face planted into the fence a few times... he just doesn't see all that well these days. He tickles me.

Anyway, I worked both Nick and Linc. Linc managed to actually do the Open outrun, and had his good boy listening ears on. He was working really nicely - we worked on his cross driving skills a bit, and I was pleased to find myself in my happy zen place working him. Even better was with the pressure I was putting on him he only had one little minor blow up. All in all it was very good!

Nicky learned a big lesson too. He learned that he COULD GO AROUND the pond off to the right to do an appropriate outrun to the away side. Then we switched ends of the field and he learned that he COULD GO AROUND the pond to do an appropriate outrun to the come bye side. I put quite a bit of pressure on him and he took it well - and figured out what I wanted of him. He kept wanting to eek around to the inside of the pond (and I'm sure he would have kicked out on the other side) but then once he figured it out he actually ran a bit wider and landed a bit deeper than he has been lately - which was precisely where he should have been.

It was a good weekend with friends - Pam came along and worked Rogue (little Linc) and Rachel and her daughter Gwynneth came up for the day. It was good to see them!


Last night, in my attempt to lose weight, I was doing some crunches. Just to tell how long it's been since I've done crunches I don't think I've done them since Linc was a baby puppy. Anyway, so I'm crunching away, and he's lying on the floor next to me... and he's licking my elbow as it goes past his face. Ew. I hate elbow lickies. Bleurgh. So finally I stopped, rolled my head to the left, and told him to knock it off.

Wrong move. It set off my vertigo.

I finished up my crunches (yeah, I am that tough) and I went to the kitchen to start dinner. The room spun. I almost barfed in the kitchen sink. Yes really. Not that I let a silly little thing like the room spinning wildly and crazy bad nausea stop me... I took my Meclizine and ate dinner anyway.

This morning, I got up, and the room is still all wobbly on me.

Crunches are banned.

That is all.


Paula said...

See? I knew there was a reason not to do crunches!

Laura Carson said...

Haha! Yep, crunches are evil, and now we have solid proof.

An English Shepherd said...

So you you nearly crunched because of the crunches ;-)

Rachel said...

Had a great weekend last weekend...hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend!

So good to see you!!