Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #14

Crooks and Crazies

Hey, folks! I thought I would have time to at least pull up a full TMT lineup of questions this week, but I'm utterly swamped and there just isn't enough of me to go around. We'll be back in full force next week - so stay tuned!

So for this week I'm going to just put out an essay type question and let you all roll with it.

Here we go. I hate to say it but this one may not be a no-brainer exactly.

What obstacles have you overcome this week, and what did you learn from them? This can be training obstacles, life obstacles, whatever obstacles you want to talk about.

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Joan said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to play last week, but I am on the ball today!

Doniene said...

Okay, Laura, it may have been only one questions - but soul baring! It was good to write about it. Blessings

Ann said...

Good timing on this question!

Mara said...

Good question for the week :-)

Steffi said...

This was a tough one - but great timing.

gvmama said...

Timing is everything. hahahaha

livin life said...

Gosh could you tell a bunch of us regulars were at a sheepdog trial with NO wi-fi! Almost had to go into rehab but I am back now and spending my whole day just farting around the internet cause I can! I do have an answer to this questions....maybe I will get it in before the next Bare Your Soul To Laura challenge.