Thursday, November 10, 2011

Updates but no TMT

It keeps looking like my weeks are more and more swamped as the holidays approach, so I'm going to put TMT on hold until after the New Year. My apologies to everyone - I know we all look forward to it. Hopefully things will settle back down and we can keep rocking it after the holidays.

I got my ZUMBA® Instructor license last weekend. I don't have a permanent class arranged yet, but will be subbing for my sister next week, and hopefully will figure it out in short order. I'm both excited and nervous, but mostly excited!

For information on Zumba or to find a class to go to, visit

The dogs are all good. Pia's busy growing up, and Zippy's well... Zippy. He's hanging in there, though the old dog issues seem to increase every day.

So there it is. Everyone have a wonderful holiday season! If you have time to post an update on you and your pack today just come back here and leave me a comment so I can go see!


Doniene said...

So understand! Will miss the weekly conversations, but will muddle through! Praying that your job is going better - and that you can find what you really want! WTG on the Zumba instructors license!!!! That sounds so fun. My second daughter takes a Zumba class and really likes it. I've thought about getting a video, as there is not a class in my little town. We'll keep in touch!


Kelly said...

I'm sure my post was very boring but at least I updated :)

Laura Carson said...

Doniene, thank you SO much! I know the prayers are helping. :) And thanks - I'm excited and skeered at the same time. The videos are really nice - I enjoy them. Wish you were closer, we'd rock it. :)

Kelly, thanks!

Jaenne' said...

Busy is good right? I hate it when I'm not busy...especially at can get me into way too much trouble, lol :-) This little break will give all of us plenty of time to think up some questions for when TMT returns!

Laura Carson said...

Jaenne', busy is very good!! I'm not much for loafing, so busy makes me very happy. So you all get to thinking! I'm guessing that come January things will slow and we'll rock some TMT. Until then.... maybe some vids of mah puppeh on sheep. lol

Anonymous said...

Totally get that! Good luck with everything in the mean time!


Laura Carson said...

Thank you, Barbara! Good luck to you too. :)

Rachel said...

Yeah on the Zumba Instructor license...sounds like fun!'ll get paid to do it...what more could you ask for! Now if you just had that full time job that you loved!

Doniene said...

Laura, How ya doin'? I posted a Pete update on my blog thought you might take a look. Been on my heart and in my prayers.