Monday, March 26, 2012

Up Top

A couple of weeks ago we set sheep with Julie P up at Robin's trial at Shoofly Farm. I started documenting as we went but got distracted along the way. But I thought I'd share up to where I forgot to take pics anymore.

We loaded up early. We rolled out around 6:30... though we were up before 5am.

As per usual, I had my priorities in order. See above for portajohn, and below for coffee. Priorites. I has them.

Once we got there we put the girlz into the sorting system.

Then I would lay Nick down over to the side...

And push the sheep out myself.

That being said... both sheep and dog tend to take advantage when you have a camera in your face. That was the first set of the day, and that sheep that turned back on me would turn out to be a troublemaker All. Weekend. Long. For the most part, though, the sheep settled as the morning went on and I thought worked pretty nicely.

I didn't get any pictures of how we worked the sorting system. I would leave a gap in the crush gate just big enough for my dog to get through. The dog - Nick or Linc, or in Julie's case one of her dogs, would go into the big crush pen and lie down over to the side while I'd move sheep up through the system. Once I got to the back pen (which would then be empty) I would have the dog just quietly hold their side while I loaded the last sorting pen from the back. It was a very quiet and (I'd say 98%) hands free system.

Then we'd go drink more coffee.

We did a little pen work and did quite a bit of setting out. Here Nick and I stand waiting for our next packet for the novice classes:

It was a nice weekend. Linc really surprised me with his maturity and some finesse I hadn't realized he possessed. Excepting one minor incident (a ewe lamb wound up feet in the air - still not sure exactly how that happened) he was a quiet but firm presence in there and I liked it. Nick was his usual good self.

I always love the view from the top.


Doniene said...

Awesome!! I wish I could have been there!! How fun!!! Looked like it was a pretty day!! Of course you have priorities! Gotta have the coffee and cookies I've never carried the port-a-john - always just found a bush!! LOL

Have a great week!

Robin French said...

Nice post!

Jaenne' said...

I love working the setout pens and setting! Mo loves setting soon as she knows that what we're doing, I don't have to say much unless we get one that doesn't really want to play.

Laura Carson said...

Me too. Nick knows his jobs (both in the pens and setting sheep) and I rarely ever say much to him other than to "lie down". Though clearly in the video he was all "I know you have that camera and I don't have to". LOL!

Linc surprised me in that he very quickly learned the pen job and did a bang up job. I'd rather not even use a dog in there at all but it's necessary, particularly if you're working it alone.

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing and thanks for your hard work! You guys were awesome!

Laura Carson said...

Thank you, Emily, and you're quite welcome. We enjoy it. The only downside is that I don't get as much time to socialize with the folks running dogs. But it was good to see you, however briefly. :)

Kristi said...

I admire you brave souls who work the top. I really don't enjoy setting, and am always glad for the people who are actually good at it. The pic of your van with crates and the port-a-potty made me spit coffee. Now my laptop is icky. Thanks a lot.

Laura Carson said...

That porta-pot has been worth it's weight in gold.

Coffee spitting is a free service around here. Glad I could help out. :)