Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tell Me Thursday 2012 - #9

Crooks and Crazies

For a slight change of pace, this Thursday is a "Tell Me Thursday - Random Edition" sort of post. This is your permission to break out whatever random stuff you want to tell this week.

Also known as... I've been so crazy busy this week I almost forgot again.

So rather than Q&A this week I'd like to know whatever random tidbits you might have on your mind today.

Here are mine:

- The alarm clock woke me up this morning
- I haven't been asleep when the clock went off in so long I can't remember
- I didn't even wake up at all last night
- Yet again, that hasn't happened in a very long time
- I finally got the van all vacuumed out, and the crates are all in place
- 'Cuz I'll be up at Robin's trial this weekend working up top with Julie P
- and we need crates loaded to get there
- 'Cuz driving dogs places in a Camry is for the birds
- I'm really looking forward to it though
- 'Cuz working up top is my favorite thing to do - even moreso than running a dog
- If you're coming to the trial please come up and say hi!
- If you're not... you should. It's a fun trial.
- Nick managed to yank most of his tail hairs out the week before last
- He looks ridiculous
- I learned that when you put bitter stuff on tails sometimes it gets on your hands and somehow it ends up in your mouth. It is almost impossible to get that stuff off (or out of your mouth).
- it really is nasty... unless you're Nick, who happens to be certain it is a condiment
- If you're at the trial this weekend don't be hating on my dog's tail
- Even though he deserves it

SO. Random rattle away!

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Steffi said...

Have fun at your trial this weekend and enjoy the ride in the CrazyMobile! What does 'working up top' mean? Yeah, I have zero knowledge of herding trials but it always amazes me what those dogs can do!

- Steffi

Doniene said...

I am sooooooooooooooo jealous!! I would love to be there and I would love to help work at the top!! I think here, I would have to earn a spot, but I'll get there!! Have soooooooooo much fun!


Julie Poudrier said...

Working at the top means working in the pens to sort sheep for the trial and then setting them out (holding them in one spot) for the competing dogs.

I've posted my contribution to this week's random thoughts TMT. Enjoy!

Tell the Noodle that I will laugh at his silly tail and Pip will happily wave his beautifully full tail in Nicky's direction, just to make him feel bad.

Mara said...

Have a great time working the trial this weekend! At least the sheep won't laugh at poor Nick and his ratty tail :D

Oh, and come back with some good stories for us!!

Becca Shouse said...

Sheep only care about the front end anyway. Nick knows that! Good, two compassionate people to hunt the sheep or push them down further when I give up trying to help Ted find the sheep.

I haz a sad. My laptop died. I haven't figured out how to put all the pieces together for TMT blogging on the Android phone. The above is pretty much what's on my mind anyway. :P

Ann said...

You want random, stream of babbling nonsense, you got it, girl! Plus great photos.

Would love to natter with you at a trial some day. . .the whole west coast/east coast thing. . .gas prices, dying mini-vans, etc.

Original_Wacky said...

I like randomness! It's amazing that I have a herding breed dog, and yet know zip about herding. Might have to check around and see if I can learn a little.

Two Dogs, One Camera said...

Made it at the last minute!

Kelly said...

I'm late, but hey what's new :)

Jaenne' said...

Have a good time at the trial! I love working up top as well!