Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tell Me Thursday 2012 - #15

Crooks and Crazies

...and she's back! Life has gotten slightly less hectic, so I'm taking TMT back starting today. So today's TMT is hosted by yours truly, The Pruninator.

As many of you already know, I had to let Zippy go to on April 9th. I'm still trying to work all of that out inside of my heart. I know it was the right thing for him, and I know equally for sure that it would never be the right time for me. It's never, ever going to be long enough.

Anyway, this week's questions (and I hope you guys will play!) are:

1. Are you a morning person? A night owl? Do you pop up out of bed full of song and happiness? Do you just hit your stride after dark?
2. What is your favorite candy?
3. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
4. How do you prepare yourself and your dogs for summer?
5. Lets talk about grass in your dog yard. Do you have any? How much maintenance do you do?

My answers:

1. Are you a morning person? A night owl? Do you pop up out of bed full of song and happiness? Do you just hit your stride after dark?

I really don't want to speak to anyone until about 10am. That's about when I get going, and then I don't want to eat until about 10:30. Nevermind the fact that I've been up since 6:00 am and start chugging coffee not long after that.

Mostly I just hate people chirping at me in the mornings. Our receptionist here at work chirps at me every day and I want to claw her eyes out. One day she found out that I'm not a morning person and so now she chirps at me and then makes asinine comments about how she knows I'm not a morning person and therefore she'll keep her greeting quiet... and goes on and on until I want to choke her. I usually have visions of my vaulting over the front desk.

No. Not a morning person. The ex-hubs and I had an agreement about such things and didn't speak except to say "have a good day". It was an excellent arrangement.

On the other hand, I start turning into a pumpkin at about 9:00 pm or so. Sometimes I'm even good until 9:30. The way I see it, is I only have a few really good hours a day.

2. What is your favorite candy?

My favorite candy is a king-sized Mr. Goodbar. It has to be king-sized because I like the mouth-feel of the chunks. When I buy it at the store it cannot be broken, and then I break it up into little chunks and eat them one by one. I just don't want someone else fondling my candy. This started for me in college and I've never quite gotten over it.

My runner-up candy is the reese's eggs/trees/pumpkins/hearts that they have around holidays. They are smack-yer-mamma good.

3. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?

Nothing makes me want to go all road rage on someone like when they don't give a thank-you wave. What has happened to the thank-you wave? It infuriates me to slow down and let someone in, and what, they can't have common courtesy to wave their appreciation? It makes me want to tailgate them to their destination and MAKE them wave.

More coffee, please.

4. How do you prepare yourself and your dogs for summer?

Summers here are hot and humid, and I start trying to acclimate us as soon as the weather starts getting warmer. I try to let the temps in the house increase gradually be as warm in the house as I can stand it, so that when we go outside to work the dogs and I aren't in total shock. I take all of the winter gear out of the van (tarps, thick dog bedding, etc.) and make it as airy in there as possible. I make sure I have all of the shade screens are loaded up, and for certain situations I have enough crate fans to go around.

For myself I mostly just hide my head under the pillow and lament about how I miss winter. Nevermind the fact that in winter I hide my head under the pillow and lament about how I hate summer.

5. Lets talk about grass in your dog yard. Do you have any? How much maintenance do you do?

It seems like my grass area is decreasing each year, and the bare spots are increasing. I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. In the summer the weeds usually fill in, but I'd like to get more real grass out there because when winter gets here about 50% of my (very small) yard is dirt. The houses in my neighborhood are built on what is basically sand rock, so it's a challenge. I've picked up some Scotts' Eazy Seed and I'm thinking I might put an expen around one bare spot and then after it grows move around seeding and such until I'm happy. That sounds like a lot of work though. I'm just not sure how much effort I want to put into it.

So far my method has been to just ignore it. That doesn't seem to be working out all that well.

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K-Koira said...

Fun, I decided to participate, though I tend to slack off a lot with doing it regularly!

Karissa said...

Grass + dogs is very difficult. The edges of my lawn are quite thick, but the center tends to be pretty sad and sparse. Now the dandelions are doing a dang good job of trying to take over. My dad is very bothered by it when he visits. lol I let him spray my front yard, but he is not allowed to touch the back because of the dogs. My dogs EAT dandelions. My dad sprayed last year when I was gone to a trial, we came home and the dandelion eating resumed and two of my dogs got sores on their lips from it. Never again.

So now my dad is trying to talk me into doing the x-pen routine that you mentioned. Pen off an area, spray it, let it sit a few days and then do another.

Uhh. I just don't think I care that much.

Joan said...

Hey Laura. I decided to play again today! Glad to see your life is getting back to normal, whatever that is?

Doniene said...

Okay Pruninator - another good session of questions - can I have a candy bar now? Have a good day!!

Steffi said...

Ooohhh - Mr. Goodbars are an excellent choice!! Now I'm totally craving one..

- Steffi

Laura Carson said...

Yeah, whatever normal is!

Karissa, I still haven't decided on the expen thing. Though I did pay stupid 14.00 for the grass seed, so I ought to do it.

So glad to see everyone this week!!

Mr. Apple said...

Hey Laura, would planting a fruit tree of some type in some of those bare spots make those bare spots look less like bare spots? Gosh, there was alot of bare spots in that sentence!

Oh, and the way, I have decided to "sweeten the pot" on our deal a little bit. So, not only will I pay you 10 cents a day plus all the apples that you can eat, now after reading your latest blog entry I have decided to also give you a Mr. Goodbar candybar.:)

Laura Carson said...

That might work! It would have to be a very small tree though.

Oh, yeah, Mr. Goodbar and I'm in. As long as it's not broken. Actually, I take that back. I was scouting for one on my way home from Robin's today and they didn't have any. I think I would have even taken one broken. Desperate times and all...