Friday, July 27, 2012

Ginger Update

When I got home from work Tuesday evening, Ginger was back to normal. Or rather, she was back to her new normal. She's only ever recovered about 90-95% from her first round with the vestibular stuff. So I call that her new normal. Tuesday evening if her eyes were tracking I couldn't see it. She was still the tiniest bit wobbly, but she's occasionally wobbly at times now anyway.

All of that being said, Tuesday night had I not seen what happened that morning I wouldn't have noticed anything off.

The real test came at bedtime. I knew that if she was back to normal she'd just get on the bed. If she wasn't back to normal she'd wait for a spotter. When I came into the bedroom she had already claimed her spot on the bed!

I'm still feeling rather cautious about it all. Here's why: according to my Vet (and Dr. Internet), the vertical nystagmus is often associated with neurological stuff like... brain tumors. We talked briefly about that, which of course sent my terror and dread into overdrive.

I'm going to try to just wait and cross that bridge if we get to it.

Also, for full disclosure, Linc's stitch had untied itself by the time I got home the other day. So I decided to just leave it alone, since that particular portion was already healing well. He gets his stitches out on Monday anyhow.

Happy Weekend!


Paula said...

So glad to hear it! One day at a time with our seniors is all we can do. You are a great "dog mama"!

Laura Carson said...

Thank you, Paula. I have a hard time imagining my life without the Turd. So I just won't think about it. Even though she's 14 she doesn't really seem it so much.

Robin says Ginger has many dogs left to boss around yet. Hah! True words indeed.

Doniene said...

So glad to hear the good report!! Been thinking about you guys, so glad you posted!

Steffi said...

So glad to hear that Ginger is doing better already! Ginger looks quite happy in that picture - her ears are just too cute :)