Saturday, October 26, 2013

Has it really been a year?

I realized a week or so that it had been a year since I've last posted. Wow. How can that be?

Besides, Lora told me I had to start blogging again.

When I started this blog life was tough, really tough. I wrote to get through it. Then life got tougher and I could no longer bear to write anything, afraid that the world would see my anguish through my words. There's a limit to what I'm willing to share, and the devastation I was feeling was too much to share with anyone. I just tried to slog through it all... tried to survive.

I did it. Survive, that is. So now I've got a new job, and I feel like I finally have my life back. This is a Very. Good. Thing.

I think there's some sort of blogging rule that says you have to blog about a certain subject matter. Well, I've never really stuck to that rule very well, but somewhere along the line I thought I needed to. As a result I got stuck because the only things I felt like writing about didn't have to do with the dogs, and this is a dog blog, yes? Meh... self-imposed drivel blah blah blah.

So. Back to it for me. I'm going to write about whatever it is I want to write about. So there.

With my new job I get to travel some. Since May I've been to Geneva, Switzerland, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and now Las Vegas, Nevada. As can be imagined I've had many adventures, so I think I'll write about them too.

Oh, and I got to set sheep on the Nursery field at this year's National Sheepdog Finals. Good fun!

So there is a lot to catch up on, eh?


Jean said...

Yay, you're back!! Seems like all my favourite bloggers were taking a hiatus this past year. Yes, blog about anything. I also made that shift from a blog strictly about my critters to one somewhat more broadly based, and while I've lost a few readers, I've also gained new ones.
Write whatever you are inspired to write, whenever you feel inspired to do so. :)

Laura Carson said...

Awww, thanks Jean! I've missed blogging. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm ready to crawl back out of my hole!

Doniene said...

Hey Girl Friend!!! So very glad to see you back writing!!! Any subject is great - just glad to have the connection!!! I thought about you every day during the Finals!!! Was it as good as you thought? I bet you were tired!!! Who did you set out with? How did the dogs do? See, I've got lots of questions!!!! LOL


Two Dogs, One Camera said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging world!

Laura Carson said...

Doniene, it was pretty amazing. Tough, and amazing. I plan to do a finals post some time this week. :)

Ann Palmer said...

Just found your blog and after meeting you at the finals I'll have to follow it. Thanks for setting out at the finals, that nursery field was tough but you handled it. Maybe I'll see you there in 3 years if I do the sheep dudette job again.

Laura Carson said...

Hi, Annie! Thank you. :) I hope we get to meet again some day soon!

livin life said...

This makes my day!!!! I prefer authentic anyway and that you always seem to dish up! Welcome back......I look forward to reading you!

Seize the day!

Robin French said...

Welcome back!