Thursday, January 1, 2009

Noodlenews and a Hat!

Some Noodlenews... I got a message from the ortho guy, and both he & the radiologist agree that we're dealing with a soft tissue injury. I will call him tomorrow to get all of the details, and a treatment plan - and for the first time since this popped up I feel a bit of peace. Hopefully we'll get Nick all right as rain, because I miss him.

And... for New Year's Eve look what I made to go with my new scarf:

I'm too sexy...

Does this ensemble make me look fat?

I'll probably make a burgundy scarf so I can wear either or. The hat is cute as heck, seriously. I'm not even saying that just because I made it.


Darci said...

Oh Ginger! That is definitly your color! I hope your wardrobe lady made herself a hat too, cause I think you need to keep that one for yerself!

Paula said...

Dude. That's too cute.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

hehe... Ginger you look so cute!

Good luck for Nick, i hope the treatment gets him better soon.

Happy New Year.

Allie Oop said...

Sorry to hear about Nick -- wishing him a speedy recovery (without you losing your mind trying to keep him quiet).

On a handy-woman note -- WOW! What great work in a short amount of time! I am majorly impressed with your skills (I love to cook, like to clean, but HATE needle work of any kind). Looks great.

Happy 2009!


Sherri said...

Can Ginger model my knitting for me please? She makes everything look fabulous (not that your hat isn't fabulous on its own, of course, but the addition of the Turd takes it to a whole new level).

Laura Carson said...

lol You guys are so funny.

Darci - she says her mom's gonna have to knit her a doggie sweater - particularly for once you're done with her today!

Paula - thanks. I'll probably wear it today (it's only 28 degrees, which in my book is arctic).

Sam - thanks! I hope he gets better quickly, too.

Deb, lol!! For what it's worth I started crocheting an afghan in something like 1995, and it's only still about half to 2/3 finished! Oh well. But this type of thing - scarves and hats - they have an obvious coming-soon sort of end. ;)

Sherri - Ginger says she'd love to! Funny - it was looking at your knitted socks on your blog that seriously started me thinking maybe I'd like to learn some of this. ;)

sheepkelpie said...

We miss you- please more updates. Don't make me come down there... lol!