Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Run Free Jed

Chuck (CR) had to let his old guy, Jed, go to the bridge last week. Being the female in this relationship, and thus more prone to prattling and such I told him I'd do a blog post in Jed's honor. I didn't get to spend as much time with Jed as I would have liked - I've only known them since the end of February, last year. I can say that he never failed to greet me like I was his long lost friend, and just seemed to have a sweet, stable, kind disposition.

It's hard to let them go - but I know that finally his legs work right again, and that he's able to chase balls (and chew up frisbees) until his little heart is content. I know he was Chuck's right hand man, and will be terribly missed. Run free at the bridge Jed.
Jed and Zeke:

Photos by Chuck Coble.


Robin French said...

Aw, he looks like a sweet dog.

Laura Carson said...

Definately!! Didn't seem to ever meet a stranger.