Monday, March 30, 2009

Round 2

Saturday was... more of the same. Nick wasn't taking my lie down whistle at the top, wasn't taking ANY sort of stop on the fetch, and was goosing the sheep in a zig-zag pattern until I finally got ahold of him just past the fetch gates to finally get them back on line. The drive, however, was lovely - a tad slow (we walked the sheep around, but the line was really good), and as a result we timed out before the pen. Again. But I learned some things this weekend, and at this point (being my, what, seventh or eighth trial or something like that?) that's a very good thing.

So, after yesterday we went back to Julie's and had a "you lie down you little twerp" discussion, which surprisingly consisted of a whistle, and a "HEY!" and then a dog that dropped like a stone every time I told him after that. Why didn't I do that at the trial? I dunno. Sometimes I don't think quite fast enough on my feet. We worked a little on fixing his fetch, but I'm having a bit of trouble grasping what Robin is asking us to do. So I'm going to roll it around a bit for a few days, and just fool around and try to "get it". That's usually how the two of us work best, Nick and I, is this latent learning thing.

I worked Linc a bit yesterday too, and was pleased at my calm attitude, which in turn resulted in HIS calm attitude. He was looking good, and hopefully I'll get him worked some this week too.

Other than that I watched the basketball game last night (GO HEELS!) and went to bed early. Now it's another week.

God save me from teenage boy dogs this week. That is all.


Darci said...

I wish I could have made it, weather keep me scared away. I didnt want to leave Kyle @ home alone with all the tornado warnings and wind and heavy rains. He hates going to trials, (says they bore him to tears) so bringing him would have proved a frustration within itself. But! You guys are out there standing at the post and learning and having fun, thats what counts! Hey! And ya didnt throw up on your shoes! Thats a step in the right direction! LOL Julie is right! I miss so much living so far away. :(

Laura Carson said...

We totally missed you! I don't blame you though - I would have been a tad nervous leaving him myself.

Yeah, not throwing up on my shoes is a good thing. Matter of fact, I made far fewer pre-run portajohn trips this weekend. I think I'm getting there. lol

Robin French said...

Well geez, as far away as the portapotty was, we all learned to hold it! LOL!

Missed ya Darci. I bet Kyle would have enjoyed hanging out with the cute girl scouts (high schoolers) selling goodies. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tar Heels....hahaha...GO HUSKIES!


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hey Laura,

If you have a few spare mins i have tagged you to do a name game.

Let me know if you do it so i can have a peek. :-)
It is harder than it first

Gennasus said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you like the paps.

You've got your work cut out with the collies! I love the photos of them, great to see them working.

Zippy looks in great'd never think he was 15!

Laura Carson said...

Sam, I'll put it on my list for today!

Gennasus - thank you. Zippy doesn't believe he's 15. :)