Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Photo(s)

I promised a few of you a photo of the dress from my sister's wedding back in December, so here you go. She's 13 years younger than I am, and in a lot of ways I wish we were closer. She and her husband are now in Oklahoma, where he's stationed for the Army. This is the dress that sparked my moaning about girdles, nipple covers, and open-toed shoes. Anything for family, right? Anything for love?

She was an absolutely beautiful bride. I wish them the best. The silver dress is still hanging on the back of my closet door - along with the open toed shoes that cannot be seen from this angle.

The photographer is Lyndon Lloyd, of who incidently did my portrait and first wedding photos also. He and his wife own the studio, and also happened to be my Girl Scout leaders, and close family friends growing up. He's quite amazing, and they're just an all-around neat couple. Just had to say that.


sheepkelpie said...

You both look maaahvelous! It's great to have a sis eh?

Paula said...

You look gorgeous, Laura!! I love the dress. Your sister was indeed a beautiful bride.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

You both look lovely. Both of the dresses are really beautiful.

Robin French said...

Aw look! Laura's a G-U-R-L! LOL!

Laura Carson said...

Robin, lol! I know, it comes as a surprise to everyone that I am, indeedy, a girl. hehehehe

Thanks guys! I told Paula earlier that I think that gig fulfilled my dress quotient for at least the next year, maybe even decade!

BCxFour said...

You both look beautiful!