Monday, June 1, 2009

Interview With an Idiot

My internet is out. Again. Well, not exactly, today it's in, but Friday night it was out. For the what, fourth or fifth time? So I called the Cable company, and had a session with the repair tech dude. Anthony. It went a little bit like this (after all of the introductory mumbo):

Anthony: Let me pull up your repair history. (fiddle click fiddle click) Ok, ma'am, you say your internet's not working?

Me: Yes sir. First let me give you some background information - this is an ongoing problem. I've been having connection problems for about a month now. I got a new modem about two weeks ago, and that didn't fix my problem. The tech was out here last week, and after checking the modem and the computer he felt sure the problem was outside in the stump - that everything in the house was OK. So he sent an outside repair crew over that next day. It worked fine for a week, and now it's out again. The cable light is off, so it appears to be completely off line again. I've tried resetting the modem about three times now, and it's still not working. I probably need to get someone out to check the repairs in the stump again.

Anthony: Is the cable light on?

Me: No sir, the cable light is off.

Anthony: Let me see if I can connect to your modem. (click, pause, fiddle, click) It appears that your modem is off line.

Me: right, that's what I said.

Anthony: Lets try resetting your modem.

Me: I've already done that. Three times. It didn't help.

Anthony: Well, you may need a new modem.

Me: Sir, this IS a new modem. I just got it two weeks ago. It's cute, too. It's a cute modem, and it's new.

Anthony: In that case I need to schedule a tech to come out and make sure that the problem isn't inside the house.

Me: I've already had a tech out, and as I said before he indicated that the problem was in the stump outside, that everything inside was working as it should. I don't see why they can't just come check outside. The tech that was out last week said the problem was signal strength - in the stump. Outside.

Anthony: We need to make an appointment to check to see that the problem isn't inside the house.

Me: Ok, fine. But seriously - this is getting old. This is seriously disrupting my social life.

It's obviously not Anthony's fault that he's an idiot and doesn't listen to what other people tell him. At that point I was banging my head against the wall and I realized he wasn't hearing anything I was telling him. I have internet again for the moment, but seriously, I'm starting to think maybe I should just turn the modem in and go to DSL. They, the phone people, appear to be slightly less idiotic. He's lucky I didn't just jump through the phone and choke him. Seriously.


BCxFour said...

egads...You have my sympathy. Time Warner by any chance? I had to deal with them when we lived at Ft. Bragg. They suck big gobs of gooey stupidity every day. We have comcast here and they make me want to kill myself too. They have a check list of things they are supposed to ask - BUT they are supposed to listen to the customers input & modify their responses thusly. Your guy sounded like he was dumber than a bag of hair. When I get those hair brained idiots I just ask to speak to a supervisor and explain it to them. They have the power to go above the 'checklist'.

Did they schedule the appointment then give you a 'window' of time that they will be at your house? DONT YOU HATE THAT?

Oh and now onto my new tirade (aren't you glad you got me started?) What about the digital transition? Now we are dependednt on these tards for our TV since we cant really get it over the air anymore. ARRGH!

Debbie P said...

I'm guessing....Hughesnet? We had months of problems before it was finally resolved. Had to pay to have the modem sent back and replaced and we had only had it a month!
We're finally okay but not before Andre threatened to throw the modem out the window a few times!

Laura Carson said...

Carolynn hit the nail on the head - Time Warner Cable. They're pretty much the only (hairbrained) game in town. The girl I talked to this morning (to cancel my appt, since it's working again) was a slightly better listener. After I repeated the conversation to her she said to me, "Next time you should let the tech know that this is an ongoing problem".

Hunh? Really, is this the twilight zone?

And Carolynn, I'm with you - this digital thing is crap. I was *planning* to go back to rabbit ears, but now it looks like such a hassle blah blah blah.

Deb - maybe I need to let them talk to Andre!

Kathy said...

The problem with some of these people is that they are given a certain order to go thru these things and they just can't vary it at all or they get even more confused. I have dealt with it for our dishtv. Luckily my phone company people are typically better than that with my DSL modem. But it likes to go out, but usually if I unplug it, it does boot back up. Frustrating tho.

Jean said...

I hear ya! I had the same problem here in Canada, attributed to the same fault (not a strong enough signal, a problem with the "stump" outside) and fought to get it corrected for weeks. Now that I am moving, I'm facing the same idiocy trying to arrange to have the service cancelled - and I'm experiencing problems with my digital phone service (from the same cable company) at my new place.
What happened to the "Service" in "Customer Service"????

Laura Carson said...

Oh yeah, they have a flow chart (most of em do) and if you try to circumvent the dealio it freaks em out.

Jean, I'm already feeling your pain bigtime. I hope it all goes more smoothly than you expect!

WalkOn Border Collies said...

It doesn't matter what company anymore or even what country! Customer service has gone down the toilet. The little guy just doesn't make them enough revenue compared to big corporations to care about what you think.

Anonymous said...

Skip the little people, ask for their supervisor. S/he's the only one that can make real things happen and circumvent the nonsense.

I had a similar problem out here with Comcast. I explained the problem to a manager, and he was able to order a crew out there to repair the outside lines and connections.

Good luck with it all!

Laura Carson said...

Next time I'll definately do that - the whole experience has been vastly frustrating!

Quick update - it's worked fine all week - even in monsoon-like conditions!