Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Blog of Silence

I don't think I've ever been accused of being silent, or even remotely in the neighborhood of silent. However, I have been I suppose when it comes to blogs and boards and emails and such lately. I think that I might be getting back on the horse, though. I seem to have lost my funny for a while, but I've found it. Trust me - I'll tell you all about the Turd in the Sleeping Bag later. But not tonight. Tonight.... cue Mighty Mouse music....

Who can it be?
It looks like a loose cannon! It moves like one too.

Oh wait. Is it a wolf?

No! It is Linc! Wait, what is he doing? Oh yeah, he's....

...bringing the sheep. He's lying down. He's actually finishing a Pro-Novice trial course.

Good dog Linc.

Like I said, I have some brags on the boys, but I'm exhausted after two weekends of trialing (the most I've done in a while). Updates to follow this weekend when I get my brain back. However, suffice it to say that both Nick and Linc are making me very proud. Photos taken by Nancy Starkey.



Carolyn West said...

And she's back....!!!!!

Laura Carson said...

Finally, right? Seems like a long season of quiet. I'm hoping to get my funny back. :)

Robin French said...

welcome back!

Paula said...

I'd been checking pretty regularly, and gave up! Glad I tried again. :) Hope to "see" you around more! (I finally joined FB, and you dropped off the grid!)