Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Admins day to all of the under appreciated Administrative Assistants out there! This is the (quite adorable) bouquet that my Executive team sent me today. I love daisies! They're like... little bundles of happiness exploding in a vase.

For my very own personal gift for Admin's day my boss has instructed me to go get his car washed.

It is going to rain.

Yeah, really.

After a while I convinced him that it might make sense to wait until Friday when it's finished raining. He explained that if it wasn't supposed to rain until later in the day to get it washed anyway.


I 'splained that there was a 95% chance of rain after 2pm.

He snarked at me. Not that that is any different than any other day.

I think maybe I'll pee in his tea. No, not really. But it sure is tempting. That would definitely be a Happy Admins day to me!


Julie said...

Well, washing the car does get you out of the office and away from him, right? Maybe you could have gotten lucky and gotten to wash the car TWICE this week! ;-)

Kelly said...

I don't get a day because my title is not longer an assitant...I'm an outreach specialist yet they treat me as their own personal assistant...ALL of them!!!

Yay Happy Day to you. I'd tell him daily that his car needed to be washed bwahahahah

Carolyn West said...

Maybe you can pee on his car and call it washed? You surely have enough dogs that could assist you, right?

Rachel said...

I think you could get away with peeing in his tea no problem...I say go for it!