Friday, July 22, 2011

Pia and Jade Reunion

Last weekend I took Pia over to visit with her littermate, Denise Wall's Jade. Denise got some lovely photos, and I thought I'd share them with you all. They were about 10.5 weeks at the time of the photos - are 11.5 weeks now. Pia is growing SO fast.

Clearly I belong to Pia.

Jade disagrees. A little.

I can eat ur face.

I'm such a sucker for this puppy.

Love. Major love.

She's learning to come when called right now (she was already pretty good at that). She sits on command, and is learning to lie down. She shakes, by the way. I noticed that she was very paw oriented, and all it took was a couple (literally) of "good girl" praises from me and she picked it up. She's connecting the command to it too.

She's also learning to wait to come in the back door until her name is called. Boy was that a tough lesson for her yesterday. That's my version of gate sorting dogs at the door, by the way. They're expected to wait to come through until their name is called - that way I can let in or out only the ones I want (though just as often they go in or out together if the doggie door is open).

Plus she got promoted to the big girl crate today. Why, you ask? Because yesterday she chewed another Pia-mouth sized hole into my drywall. She also managed to pry the plate that covers the motor off of the freezer. All of this she did from inside of the ex-pen. So the ex-pen will only now be for playing when I'm home, and she'll go in a big-girl crate next to June when I'm gone.

So that's the Pia update for today! Happy Friday, everyone.

Photos are courtesy of Denise Wall. Please do not use without permission from her.


Paula said...

Gorgeous! I can see why you're sunk. She is just adorable.

Laura Carson said...

Thanks, Paula! Sometimes I want to shout that she's the cutest puppy EVER but I feel pretty sure that most people think that about their puppies. LOL! So I'll settle for shamelessly posting pictures of her ad nauseum.

Doniene said...

Aren't puppies fun!! Yours is adorable. I'll post pics of mine soon, so you can see. She is just past three months, so ours are about the same age.

Mack and Murph said...

Pia is such a smart lil girl! She really is super cute!

Mack & Murph

Robin French said...

She's growing legs!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking pup you have there Laura!!! Looks like all the puppies have turned out beautiful. Love their marking and have fun with her even if she is a stinker about chewing through things, it's all good in the end!!!


Laura Carson said...

Thanks, Marla! They really are nice puppies - and I'm looking forward to seeing how they all turn out. Lucky for Pia I don't get too fired up about things like chewing. :)

Doniene - I'm looking forward to seeing those pics!

Robin - I know! Legs everywhere. I was telling Denise the other day that I'm always afraid there's something I'm doing wrong to give my dogs legs like Nick. Sure hope it all evens out.

Mack and Murph - thank you! She's too smart sometimes. :)

1ockedand1oaded said...

wow. That's a very cute dog. :)