Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WWTK Wednesday - Joining in on the Fun


We Want to Know Wednesday is Hosted by Mamarrazi, Impulsive Addict , Janette, and Seriously Shawn, go give them a visit and link up! Here we go:

Here are this week's questions, from Mamarazzi:

{1} Which activities make you lose track of time?
{2} Is there such a thing as perfect?
{3} When do you feel most like yourself?
{4} Describe your life in a 6 word sentence.
{5} Share one of your most beloved childhood memory.

{1} Which activities make you lose track of time?

Uh... that would be pretty much anything you can think of lately. Drinking coffee, blogging, Facebook, and Facebook's games come to mind. Lets add taking pictures of my puppy too. Oh, and just simply trying to get out the door. It seems like lately any time I try to go anywhere I just get sucked into some bizarro bermuda triangle and the next thing I know it's an hour or two later. Used to be I lost track of time playing Ultima Online with the Ex-Husband. Talk about a time suck.

{2} Is there such a thing as perfect?

I don't think there is an absolute perfect, aside from God and Jesus Christ. That being said I think there are situational perfects. Like... I think Nick has been the perfect first dog for me (first dog I've trained from puppy to Open). I'm pretty sure Pia could be the perfect puppy, except that she somehow managed to eat a hole into my wall yesterday through her expen wires. I'm pretty sure there's the perfect mate for me out there. He has sheep and/or cattle, and uses border collies to manage his operation. He's hot and taller than me, too. He would love for me to quit my day job and come farm for a living. What? Some perfects are loosely defined. That's how they manage to be perfect, I think.

Almost perfect puppy:

{3} When do you feel most like yourself?

I'm going to take this in a somewhat different direction and say that I've finally started feeling like myself again just recently. It's more of a when on the continuum thing for me - because typically in my life I'm myself whenever. But the divorce really was a hard hit for me, and then when followed up by losing my job (which was, lets face it, like losing the ex-husband, his family, and my work family right on top of it)... and lets not even talk about my current situation. Yeah, I've not really been myself. But I am more right now than I have been in a while.

{4} Describe your life in a 6 word sentence.

Just another one will not hurt.

{5} Share one of your most beloved childhood memor[ies].

Probably my most beloved childhood memories involve me and my BFF, Vicky, at the beach. It was good times for our family (we were all still together) and Vicky and I had some of the greatest times. My strongest memory is probably of my Dad playing his guitar there. With Vicky there was the digging of the big hole in the sand, the meeting of guys at the deck, the throwing our bathing suits up into the ceiling fans (don't ask)... all sorts of things. She and I have different lives now, but I'll always cherish those memories and she has had (and always will) a very special place in my heart. So will the beach and those memories.


Anonymous said...

My hubs used to play Ultima Online for like, day. But that was before he met me. Then he and I lost time playing other games. :) Happy Wednesday.

Laura Carson said...

Oh man, I'm here to tell you... we would do 24 hour UO marathons. Then we got involved in Horizons, too. I think I played for 5 or 6 years... and even now I try to say I'm a reformed gamer but I still manage to get sucked into one here and there. :)

VandyJ said...

Striving for perfect can make you nuts. Being perfectly content is much easier to attain.

Impulsive Addict said...

LOVE that puppy!!! All your dogs are so cute! They melt my heart!

Love your sentence. I can use that on my Girls Night Out on Friday! =)

Thanks for linking up with us! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

Stacie said...

"Just another one will not hurt."--I'm thinking cupcakes!!!

Laura Carson said...

Cupcakes. Get in my belly.

Mamarazzi said...

LOL on your sentence, so funny!!

i am so distracted by the beautiful dogs on your sidebar, that is a LOT of love right there, the unconditional variety, the perfect kind of love!

thanks so much for linking up!!

Rachel said...

What is up with puppies chewing holes in the wall through their crates! Keegan did that to our dining room wall in Charlotte!

However, she is too cute to get mad at!

Johanson Family said...

I think your blog is so fun.. I may have told you before that I had a border collie growing up named Tippy (yes this is coming back that I told you) and every time I see your pictures, they take me back!! Pia is SOOO cute.. she reminds me of the other bc we had that we named Cookie.. Pia is probably a better name though... Cookie was cute but a lil' bit of a ding bat.... random comment-- sorry.. hah!

Date Girl said...

I'm happy to hear that you're feeling more like yourself. It sounds like times were definitely tough. I'm glad you have your dog friends to see you through. Always there, always loyal and always there for a cuddle. Gotta love em. Your dream man sounds pretty great. It's Match and my dream to one day own a farm and just live off the land. Sigh...wouldn't that be awesome?