Monday, November 24, 2008

Team Noodlehead & the Duck

Today on my way back to work (about 6 houses down) there were two teenaged girls out in the road... following a duck around. Yes. That is a duck. In our neighborhood. You know, the neighborhood where houses are ten feet apart, quite literally. So I stopped, and asked what was going on. Evidently this duck was intended for some sort of holiday fare, and had snuck out the front door. These gals had been trying to catch it all day.

So, what did I do? Of course. I got my dog. At this point the duck was down at my house, so I brought out a crate, told the girls where to stand and where to move, and flanked Nick around. Good thing he likes him some ducks, hunh? Except... it wasn't SOME ducks, it was A duck. A duck with non-clipped wings, a fact that we learned right as I had it about two steps from the crate. Little bugger flew up on top of my neighbor's porch roof thingie.

No worries, I had a plan. I went around back and got out the Mad Spaghetti Noodle, and got that naughty bird down off of there. We then drove it back down towards it's house - I had a new idea. I had the girl open her front door, and we worked the duck up four steps, and onto the porch. Nick and I, and the girls, had it about three or four steps from the front door, when, whoooooooosh. Off again. That was my fault though - I was getting hurried (uh, wasn't I supposed to be back at work 20 minutes ago??) and put too much pressure on it.

Well, to make a long story short after bringing the beastie back down the road several times I finally had to go back to work when it decided to make another trip up on top of someone's garage. Great - now I have a dog that's looking for stock to work every time he comes out the front door, because according to him where there are ducks there must be sheep. My one regret is that we didn't have more time, because I was feeling rather determined to get that beastie BACK in that front door.

I told the girls that if he was still loose when I got home from work we'd try again. I guess I'd better check Nick's pads, too, as he's not used to working on asphalt and concrete. He sure did work like a champ though.

I sure have gotten a lot of ribbing on THIS one now that I'm back at work. When I called to tell them I was trying to catch up a duck, they were like, "You WHAT????". Just another day, hunh?


Robin French said...

You should have put Spottie on it - she'd have caught it and helped with de-feathering, all in one. ;-)

Nick is such a good boy!

Anonymous said...

Poor Ducky. He knew his number was up. What kind was he?
Good boy Nick!

Laura Carson said...

lol Robin I considered trying to get it into my house, but then considered that maybe it might would meet an untimely demise that way. Shoulda let Spottie help. hehe I could have told them I was a full service operation.

I have NO idea what kind he or she was - it was white, medium sized, orange beak. I never heard it make a sound, but then again it didn't have any friends to talk to. :)

Laura Carson said...

So after doing a bit of poking around, I do believe it's a Pekin.

Anonymous said...

A that the kind that the chinese restaurants make Peking Duck out of???

Laura Carson said...

LOL I have no idea - but I've wondered the same exact thing. I'm also almost thinking it's female. I didn't see any curly tailfeathers.