Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Are We? Part Two...

Some days it really bugs me to be sitting here in the office looking out the window thinking I'd rather be out there. But, there's not much to be done about it really. So get over it, right? Since I can't be outside I suppose I could cough up some dog bios (with apologies to those who already know us well).

Nick is just barely over 2 years old. I'm running him in Open Ranch, and Nursery right now - we do ISDS style trials exclusively (USBCHA). He's quite useful, and I think we make a good team. He's always been quite sensible on stock - even as a youngster, and I really enjoy him. Although he's technically my second dog (June being the first) he's more like my first dog. I held him at less than a day old, and knew he was supposed to be mine. These pictures by Robin French (the first was taken after we'd been setting out, and he'd been having a big old time in the pond on the way back down the hill):

Linc is just a hair past 10 months old, and his main job is being a puppy right now. I've had him on sheep a handfull of times, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun together. He's very goofy, bouncy, and very sweet... if slightly hard-headed. Hah! These pictures by Julie Poudrier from Sunday:

June is eight years old, and was my first "real" border collie. She came from an unofficial rescue situation - and I first met her at Becca's place. I remember thinking how much I wanted her (which was odd, because my only border collie experience was Bree, and I KNEW I didn't want another dog like HER) but she was already promised to someone else. As it turned out she wound up with me anyway, and I got started learning to work sheep with her. When she came to me she was completely turned off of stock (she'd had a very rough beginning to life). She turned back on - and although she never has amounted to much we've had some fun together. I adore her, really.

Photo by Julie Poudrier:

And then... there are the non border collies!

Ginger was my first dog period. No, we don't know what she is - maybe some cocker spaniel in there, maybe some lab-ish type stuff, and something very spastic and hard-headed. She's 10 years old now, and we've been together for nine years now. She does some of the strangest things with her ears, and has quite the fan club.

And then... there is Zippy. He's a 14 year old Papillon that I rescued when he was 11. He doesn't act or look much like an old dog, but he doesn't hear much these days. He's a sweet little guy with his own little quirks, and I adore him. Most of the time.

What a fun bunch these guys are. Life is never boring with them, that's for sure.


jeninslo said...

Nice bios and pictures. :) I didn't know you'd only had Zippy for 3 years.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

I enjoyed reading the bios. The photo's are lovely of them all too.

Add me to that Ginger fan club! She is adorable. :-)

Laura Carson said...

Jen, yep - three years. Same with June, actually. I got her about 6 months before Zippy. I feel like they've been with me forever though - it's hard to remember them not being here.

Sam - Ginger loves to have more loyal subjects. LOL

Laura said...

I betcha know who my fave of your pack is. ;-)

Laura Carson said...

Heee! What cracks me up is that wild look on her face in that picture. June said to tell half-sis Raven happy birthday!