Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #13

Crooks and Crazies

I'd tossed around the possibility of skipping this week since I have way too much on my plate, but then thought there might be some sort of revolt and someone might try to steal my two boxes of Little Debbie's that I bought last night. That would never do. In fact, I'm pretty sure that as I type Ginger is at home trying to hatch a plan to break into the oven and steal them.

In light of that, here are my questions this week. Those of you hoping for deep thoughts are probably going to be sadly disappointed this week. I'm fresh out of deep thoughts. I'm in a Little Debbie induced stupor. If we're friends on Facebook you probably already know this, but because of the sugar and fake chocolate overload I'm unable to control myself. Plus deep thoughts are scarce around here today.

1. What is your favorite Little Debbie snack? If you hate Little Debbie then I bow down to your greatness. (I suppose you can include some other favorite snack. Maybe it'll inspire me to get over LD for today.)
2. What do you use for laundry detergent?
3. Tighty Whities or Boxers? (this, obviously, is open for interpretation)
4. Dogs: On the bed? In the house? On the furniture? Never? What are your rules?
5. Favorite dog-related website (aside from my blog, obviously har har har)? Favorite NON-dog related website? Can be blogs, or whatever.

Have at thee foul Little Debbie.

Maybe I should entitle this one: Tell Me Thursday - Fluff edition. Or maybe "Tell Me Thursday - Laura wants to be entertained".

Here are my answers:

1. What is your favorite Little Debbie snack?

Swiss Rolls. Followed closely by the honey buns. Oh, and those little Christmas trees. Back in another life my ex-husband could throw down on some of those little trees. Of course I could too. As I said on FB... a pox on you Little Debbie. I managed to forget her for a looooooooooong time, but then my sister and mother had to bring up her name the other night. Then I got a hankering. Then they went on sale. Bah humbug.

2. What do you use for laundry detergent?

Back when I had enough money I used tide or gain. These days I mostly go for things like... "Xtra" or whatever store brand is cheapest. I want to get the most bang for my buck. HOWEVER. The other day I was looking around and ran across this blog (I got there from the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op blog): Love Made the Radish Grow where she tells you how to make your own laundry soap. I collected the ingredients at my local "Ace Hardware" and whipped up a batch. AWESOME!!!! Good stuff indeed. I suspect it will probably take me 2-3 months to go through the batch that I made, and then I have enough ingredients for a second batch. I spent a total of about $9 for ingredients. So for about 6 months of laundry detergent I paid $9. Usually I buy about 2 bottles per month, at say $2.50 each. So $5.00 per month over six months is $30.00 - so I'm saving some. The small stuff adds up eventually.

Not only that but this formula is very green - and you can control what goes in it.

Next month I plan to make a batch of castille soap to use for my soap shavings. Yet again, I can control what goes in it.

3. Tighty Whities or Boxers?

Tighty Whities!!! I don't even know why. I just like the way they look. Plus in a pinch I can borrow them. That is, assuming that he's not way smaller than me. If he's way huger than me I can just tie a knot. See? Multipurpose. Plus I can put a pair on a dog if I have to. Boxers? Cute, but mostly useless.

For me personally I do a bit of everything. Granny Panties, high cut, string bikini, regular briefs... no thongs or boy shorts. I tried boy shorts for a while 'cuz I thought they were cute but then realized that boy shorts only look cute if you LOOK like a boy. Otherwise, if you're me, you just look like a fat girl squeezing into some kid's underoos. Not pretty.

4. Dogs: On the bed? In the house? On the furniture? Never? What are your rules?

Rules? We have no rules at my house. Dogs, dogs everywhere. Actually there are quite a few dog beds on the floor, and mostly when we're hanging out the dogs either get in the dog beds or lay on the floor. Ok, and sometimes Pia does zoomies and banks off of the backs of the couches. Rules schmules.

Though I do let dogs sleep on the bed the only ones who do are Nick and Ginger.

5. Favorite dog-related website? Favorite NON-dog related website?

Favorite dog-related website is usually the BC Boards. I really don't post there much any more, but I like to go lurk.

Favorite non-dog-related site is a toss up between the Pioneer Woman and the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op. I'm also totally digging a soap making forum this week. I finally tried my hand at making home-made soap this past weekend. I'll have to do a blog on that soon!

Until next week...

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Anonymous said...

Missed last week:( but got r done this week!

Kelly said...

I would like to know why I can't comment on my own blog LOL

Laura Carson said...

'cuz blogger has an evil plan that involves not letting you log in as yourself. I've found that if I uncheck the "keep me signed in" box then I don't have as much trouble. As long as you don't close your browser you'll stay logged in though until you DO close your browser. Browser browser browser.

Jaenne' said...

Laura - I'm surprised Craigslist wasn't on your "non-dog blog" list...also, did you see The Pioneer Woman's post today about things she hasn't could use these for future TMT's!

Joan said...

don't have time right now to blog, but did want to thank you for the link to the simple, green, frugal blog. I took the link and added to my page. I'm going to try to make that laundry soap too!

Doniene said...

Great week - hope everyone has a great weekend!! Note of interest: If anyone is still having problem with comments and you use Firefox, you might have to allow third party cookies are you settings.

Kelly said...

I may have fixed my problem not sure how though. Ok maybe I should say my blogger problem :)

Laura Carson said...

Just as a side note on the laundry detergent thing: it is a powder version. Also, when you go to grate the soap bar it can be hand made or store bought. If you accidently use a higher percentage superfatted bar like I did it won't grate as cleanly and so you might wind up with some bigger hunks of soap - which is less visually appealing but so far seemsto be working fine.

Catalina said...

Whoa! It's Thursday already? Where did last week go?

With the comment posting - I have noticed that I sometimes have to click preview a bunch of times, before it will let me post a comment. But only on some blogs.

Robin said...

You are right! We would have revolted if you hadn't posted today. I look forward to Tell Me Thursday. Love the questions again today. Will now stop thinking about LDs.

Ann said...

Little Debbie, Little Debbie, I'm a-comin' on home!

Laura Carson said...

Well, I at least managed to get all the way to work today with no LD in my pocket. That's something I guess.

Laura Carson said...

BTW, Jaenne', I have banned myself from Craigslist. I have no self control. Plus I have a crate problem. I also have no money, and that's all a very bad combination. lol

Doniene said...

Did anyone else read brinian's post on October 6th? What was going on in Portland? I didn't see anything on the news.

Just wondering.

Steffi said...

I am so totally late on this one! And you totally got me craving for Little Debbies!!