Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I used to think that romance involved candlelight and flowers, moonlit walks, blah blah blah. These days? Romance is my man calling to say he's got a deer for me to put in the freezer. Seriously, does it get any more elemental than hunting and gathering? It sure does make me all mushy.


Robin French said...

I'm guessing this was not an episode of SATC you're talking about? ;-)

Laura Carson said...

lol Nope! I'm kind of sad to be finished with all of the seasons.

I'm excited about the deer though-it might be ready by the weekend. Next chance we get we're going to put a lamb in the freezer also.

kristi said...

LOL, I get turned inside out if the guy can open the pickle jar and/or get stuff off the tall person's shelf.

Lately, I have been scouting at trials for a man who has his own tractor and post pounder. Sometimes, I can hear Carrie Bradshaw sobbing... :-)

Laura Carson said...

Ooooh! Me too on the jar thing. Oh, and the wearing a tool belt thing? The tractor thing? Count me in. LOL