Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Are We?

Who are we? Wow, that's an awfully open and loaded question, but for today (even though I'm feeling right philosophical at the moment) how about some sort of bio since we're sort of starting over? I believe, since I'm on vacation tomorrow and bored today, that I'll start with me. Good. Now that that's settled.

I am 33, live with five dogs, am a member of a big extended family, am a daughter and a sister, and am soon to be divorced. In that order. The divorce thing stinks, but in the long run I think it will prove to be a blessing in disguise in my life. Shoot, it already is. I've always had a burden for people, and believe that each person brings something special - something to be celebrated - to the world.

I've had lots of former lives... as a gymnast, a cheerleader, a softball player (sucked at that - I regrettably throw like a girl), a headbanger in high school, a horse person, a runner, a swimmer, and these days a dog person. I've taught gymnastics and swimming, and I lifeguarded for quite a few years. What can I say... I love the smell of suntan lotion. I love to read and write (although I read mostly fluff, and don't claim to write well) and enjoy a lot of different types of movies. I religiously follow "House" and "CSI" (Las Vegas Only).

What else? Oh, I'm on the tail end of a 97 lb weight loss with Weight Watchers. I hit my goal at Thanksgiving last year, and I'm vaguely struggling with maintaining at the moment. Man has it ever been an amazing ride. I'm figuring this all out, slowly but surely, and have come to realize that it truly is about the journey when it comes to weight managment.

How did I get into border collies and working dogs? I wound up (rather by accident and fate) with a border collie mix, Bree. In figuring out what to do with this wild child that changed my life, I met Becca (see Eirene on the bloglist) and eventually would meet Julie, Rachel, Mary, and Robin too. Anyway, Becca invited me out to see her farm, because a class I was taking at the time required us to do some "commune with nature" type of stuff. I was offering free labor, and Becca was the only one (brave enough) to take me up on it.

From the moment she sent her old Ben dog (run free sweet Ben) for the sheep I was hooked. I had goosebumps up and down my arms, and all I could think was, "I want this", followed closely by, "I wonder if Bree would do this?". The answer to the second question, however, was a resounding no. Not even close, but she was the beginning. Coincidently that was also the day that I met June, but that's a part of June's story, to be told later.

To the snaggletoothed wild child border collie mix...

Thank you, Bree. I think she and I were happiest together when we were running around on an agility course. Some days I miss her. This photo by Julie Poudrier:

So I guess that's the beginning. I work my dogs on sheep and occasionally cattle (although I did a brief stint in agility with both Bree and June). For a while I had my own sheep which I kept out at Julie's place, but with the changes in my life I had to sell them on. For the moment I'm a girl with five dogs living in the city... but trying to get OUT of the city. It's a challenge training dogs on stock without... stock... but I'm having a ball. The plan is to get out of town and find a place big enough to keep my own flock as soon as I'm able. Please, let it be soon.


1sheepdoggal said...

I know you! (points finger and laughs!)
The new blog looks great! Love the pick of Nick on top. What a handsome guy.So welcome to the hood!

Laura Carson said...

Thank you dahlin, thank you! Glad to be here.

jeninslo said...

Love the new blog! I particularly like it being on blogger because maybe now I won't leave so many anonymous comments. :)

Laura Carson said...

HAH! But I'm going to sort of miss your "oops, hey, that was me" posts. hehe