Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Good Things

I can't exactly remember all of the details, but yesterday one of the radio announcers I was listening to was asking people to call in and list Three Good Things in their lives. I think it had something to do with Veteran's Day (and thank you to the Veterans for the sacrifices they've made for MY freedoms). He was saying that yes, things are bad for most of us right now from many standpoints, and he thought that we needed to look at some GOOD THINGS.

Ok, so I'll play. I won't even talk about the BAD things today, because wouldn't that just cancel out the good things? Maybe it even cancels out the good things to mention that there are bad things, but still...

My Three Good Things for today:

1. SATC Season 6, part 2 disc 1 should be in my mailbox today
2. I slept all the way through the night last night
3. My lip shimmer color this morning is the BOMB

Ok, so maybe those are a little weak, but it's the best I can do today I think. Sure, I could drag out the old "I have a job" type stuff, but I was trying to come up with good things that didn't have a qualifier attached. So, those are my three good things that don't have any sort of "but" attached to them. Put THAT in my hat and smoke it.


Robin French said...

I like that. We don't focus on the positive enough, do we?

I'll play:
1. ALL of the sheep didn't have bottlejaw last night
2. ALL of the dogs didn't have diarrhea yesterday
3. I slept through MOST of the night.


Laura Carson said...

Bwaaahahahaha! Those are great. Gave me a much needed laugh, especially since right before lunch one of my (female) coworkers asked me if I've put on a little weight... and then proceeded to name specifically WHICH body parts looked heavier.

I think I'm pretty much DONE for the day.

Maybe I need to post 3 more good things. Really.

Robin French said...

How about if i start it for you?

1. She ASKED if you'd gained weight. :-)


Laura Carson said...

Ok, I can play that.

2. I didn't claw her eyes out

3. Uh... well... here I am stuck again. Oh, wait! I know! I passed over the french fries and burger for lunch and made something from home instead. Yeah!

Robin French said...

4. The work week is more than halfway done!!!

Laura Carson said...

Amen on that. We're almost there now. ;)