Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost the New Year

I'm sort of bah-humbugging it at the moment, so please forgive the lapse in attention to the blog. I'm not feeling overly talkative at the moment - an admission that likely will have jaws dropping to the floor. Yeah, OK, so there's a first time for everything. So what have we been up to?

I've been making beaded lanyards. And knitting. And... is that not just vaguely scary? Yeah, me of the 12 year afghan crocheting project... learning to knit. I've been knitting scarves, which are infinitely smaller and less unweildly than a blanket. Right? So the lanyards turned out very nice, and I may actually make some to sell. I'll have some pictures later on (if I get that motivated), hopefully.

On a dog front Nick is still not quite right, so we're going to go visit an ortho vet tomorrow. He isn't dead lame - but still off enough that I want to see if we can't go on and kick this thing without messing around too much. I say that because I feel sort of like the last few weeks have just been time wasting. I'll let everyone know what the doc says tomorrow.

I worked Linc at Robin's Christmas get together the other day, and he looked pretty darned good. I think he's ready for Jack Knox in January - and I'll bet we'll have an absolute blast. Sure, we ain't got no stinkin stop or call off...

Oh, and while working Linc I did a face plant in the roundpen. Well, actually it wasn't a total face plant, because one of Robin's ewes broke my fall. I had a ewe shaped clean spot from the middle of my belly up to my head. The rest of me was covered in mud. Mm-mmmm good.

I survived my sister's wedding. For those who knew about it - I found the cutest little pantyhose type biker short dealies that are sort of girdle-ish... and band-aids. I didn't have time to find sunflower you-know-what covers, so I had to settle for bandaids. Turned out that with the amount of lining and boning in the bodice I didn't need them anyhow. I did, however, look pretty good in the dress and my silver strappy sandlehickeys. In freaking December. For a couple who was already married.


I'll try to get some decent pics of the scarf I made myself, and one of the beaded lanyards.

I've decided that either I'm depressed and nesting, pregnant (NOT), or maybe perhaps just happy in my own skin these days. Maybe I'm nesting and happy. Maybe something about being slightly crafty appeals to me. Who knows, but I'm having fun actually MAKING something.

That may last for a few more weeks.

Ah, I did find a picture I took of my first two lanyards. Sucky picture, on the dog-haired carpet, but you guys get the idea. This was before I finished them.


sheepkelpie said...

PHEW!!!! I was worried about you!
Glad to know you are getting domesticy- it's a good time of year for that :) Pics of Linc working please- and Nick- just because he's cute. On the Nick front- run your hand down his back, about 3" away from the body, and see if you feel heat anywhere. Do the same with his legs and abdomen. Maybe you will find the "hot spot" and can show the vet. Anyway, good to hear from you Laura!

Darci said...

Well I swear! Band aids! Id have never thought of that! Thanks for the tip! (oh I could have made such a naughty typo there! LOL!)

Laura Carson said...

Thanks Julie. Life is a little tough at the moment, but I'm making it. I appreciate the thoughts, and even the worry too. Don't be surprised if I'm a tad quiet over the next few weeks. ;) I'll try to see if someone will get pics when Jack comes of Linc in particular.

Darci... you bad, bad girl. ;) It was SO nice to see you guys yesterday!

Robin French said...

Admit it, you did the bandaids thing so you wouldn't have to go in the store and ask for you-know-what covers! LOL!!!!

we'll just have to make sure you get plenty of time with the girls in the next few weeks, that'll cheer you up. :-)

sheepkelpie said...

I call it going into a funk. I find that if I can work my dog(s) in a big field some where, and have a nice cuppa Jo, life seems to re-set to normal... If it gets REALLY bad, I have to have chocolate. I also make plans to travel. Feel free to come on up to my neck of the woods and work dogs :)

Laura Carson said...

Robin - lol. That's exactly right. Couldn't quite figure out how to put that question across without my face turning ten million shades of red.

sheepkelpie - what, chocolate isn't a daily staple? LOL I tell ya what, if Nick wasn't lame and I wasn't insanely busy over the next few weeks you'd probably find me on your doorstep. ;)

Paula said...

"You know what covers". That sounds like a good conversation! LOL

I'm sorry Nicky still isn't 100%. I hope you get (got?) good news from the other doc.

sheepkelpie said...

Awww, bring Linc- Nick can just hang with Lucy, and maybe teach her some manners. I have the perfect place for him to work.... Plus, it's really good exercise :) Called SNOW.