Monday, December 15, 2008

Small Dog in a Little Coat

Imagine I'm singing this like David Spade in the movie "Tommy Boy"... you know, "Fat guy in a little cooooooaaaaaat", right? Well, this is small dog in a little coat:

How can I not adore that fluffly little ball of grumpiness? It was a tad chilly for a small dog yesterday, so he got to putz around in his little coat at Julie's yesterday. It makes him very happy to do that, and tickles me too. He does look rather goofy with his hair all sticking out everywhere. It's even worse in his jammies.

Friday night was my company Christmas party. Chuck came with, and it actually was a good bit of fun. I might have had one too many fuzzy navels, but I managed to not say anything remarkably stupid, and kept all of my clothes on. This would be a good thing around coworkers, right? Saturday I got to help out CR with some ear tagging duties (which makes me happy 'cuz that means activity points baby!). Then yesterday a bunch of us went over to Julie P's for a lesson with Robin.

We took Linc for a quick spin yesterday and have determined that he's pretty ready to do a little bit, so I'll probably work him some next weekend. His spark was back, and while he was (I think) a tad tense in the smaller area and slightly concerned about the sheep on the outside of the pen he was looking pretty good!

I worked Spottie for a few minutes yesterday - and am feeling good about that. She's taking my whistles at Julie's pretty nicely. I was disappointed to have to pull from the cattle trial up at Roy Johnson's this past weekend, but Nick's on the "being rested" list at the moment. Anyway, a couple of pics of Spottie from yesterday:

All photos today by Darci Gunter, by the way...

So I was really reminded of how much I depend on Nick this weekend. It's the small things, like "would you hold sheep for me?" or needing him to help with tagging sheep... I missed him. Don't get me wrong - I was really glad to have Spottie there, and she was a very good girl. I guess what feels so odd is not having the dog that seems to just *know* what I want, and just helps me. He just... does it. I think I'm beginning to understand the relationship that so many handlers have with their dogs.


Robin French said...

Spottie looked really good for you yesterday. And it was nice to finally be able to speak to her again but still have her go willingly with you. :-)

Sounds like you're learning why it is so many people think their first "real" dog is the best one they'll ever have. Amazing what the bond will do for you, isn't it? Go Nick!

Laura Carson said...

I was pleased when she went with me. lol She's such a good girl.

And like I said... Spottie was a good girl while we were tagging. It was just a tad weird using someone else's dog. There really is something to be said for that bond. I suspect she and I would develop our own bond and understanding of each other were we to be together long enough.

Darci said...

I was surprised at how quickly she went with you too, even after Robin said hi to her, given Robin has had her so long. Spottie did look good and was working nicely for you. But the bell of the ball yesterday still had to have been the little old man Zippy cruising around in his little red jacket! He is just too cute! I sure would like a little lap dog, but Im afraid my other dogs would treat it like a squeaky toy. :(

BCxFour said...

What an absolutely adorable picture & coat!! I just bought a ton of polar fleece tonight (to make gifts). This picture just gave me a great idea to make a coat for my mothers little dog! Thank you!!!