Thursday, December 18, 2008

Picture Thingie?

Ok, so I think I'm supposed to post some whositswhatsits thing about a sixth picture somethingorother. A meme something? Something about opening your sixth file where you keep your pictures and posting your sixth picture. I realized that several folks had tagged me to do this - sorry guys! Didn't mean to be remiss. I promise, though, that when I'm finished cooking up what I've been cooking up this week all will be clear and I'll be forgiven. *laughs maniacally*

My sixth picture thingie:

THAT, my friends, is about a four month old Noodlehead showing that on occasion he DOES come enthusiastically when called. Will you LOOK at those ears? That was right as his ears were starting to stand, and a stiff breeze would blow them over backwards. There's the Small Dog standing over off to the side. At this point Nick was just barely bigger than the Small Dog. What cracks me up is looking at those LONG legs... some things evidently never change.

Nick is still being rested, and I'll probably continue to rest him until next weekend. There's nothing pressing, and soft tissue injuries can be a real bear to heal, so I'm trying very hard not to rush things.

In looking through my old pictures I ran this one, too, and it made me giggle!

The date is wrong, by the way. But I call this one "The Troublemakers". Nick was maybe nine weeks old here, and still smaller than Zippy. He and Ginger were non-plussed about this whole puppy thing - and if you look you'll see the TurdiTude, and the Small Dog leaning as faaaaaaar away as he can without actually moving. Nicky looks just a tiny bit forlorn, too.

There's not a whole lot else going on around here. Personally, I'm scurrying around getting ready for Christmas, and my social calendar feels like it's on the verge of overwhelming me at the moment. It always does this time of year, and it also always manages to work out OK in the end.

All of the things that need to be in motion at the moment are, and by this time next month my divorce will be final. Saturday night is my Dad's Christmas dinner, and Monday night is Girl's Night Out with some of my favorite women... Julie's birthday, and then CR's birthday following right on it's heels!

It's looking like rain, unfortunately, for Sunday which might muck some things up. Sounds like a good reason to lounge around in my powder blue fuzzy slippers and drink my coffee as slow as I feel like. So there.

Oh! I almost forgot... I think I'm supposed to tag other people to do the same picture thing... but I think some of the people I'd normally harrass have already been tagged. So, lets see...

Jen, Becca and Darci... you're up.

I *think* I'm supposed to tag more folks than that, but I'm feeling wholly uninspired today. I guess I might deserve my brother's two T-shirts that read "Doesn't Play Well With Others" and "Doesn't Follow Directions". lol

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