Thursday, November 18, 2010

Follow Up Conversation

So "I cannot copy for myself' called me again to say, "Do I mail things myself, or do you do it for me?" I responded, "Typically people here mail things for themselves, so yes, you would do it". The conversation progressed a little like this:

Old Guy: I have an envelope and these signed letters, so now what do I do? I know, I'll fold them up and put them in the envelope

Me: Have you addressed the envelope?

Old Guy: No.

Me: Ok. So you need to start by addressing the envelope. If you don't address it then it won't get very far.

Old Guy: Ok. Then what?

Me: You then put the letters in it, seal it up, and take it to the guys who put the postage on it. They'll then put the postage on it, and it'll go out.

At this point I could literally FEEL him wanting me to do it for him. Had he asked I would have, but I'm just not going to play this sort of passive aggressive game.

So, Old Guy, mail your own letter. This is just not that difficult.


Sherri said...

Can I just kill the people you work with/for? Would you still have a job if the jackasses and idiots were dead? I don't want to murder you out of a paycheck, but if Darwin isn't going to step up then someone has to.

Laura Carson said...

LOL!!! I know, right? Later on as I was leaving I ran into him again. I asked if he got his letter situation worked out and he said, "I got another admin to do it for me. I had to FedEx it and do some other things that I didn't know how to do."

Hunh? I explained that he should have called me back - and asked me to do it. I HATE that sort of passive-aggressive approach. Just ASK me to help. Or grow up. Either would work fine.

Paula said...

Arggghh!! Seriously, people.