Monday, June 1, 2009


Seriously? Because my life isn't fun enough. My lawnmower won't crank (and you could probably find a small child in my grass), and I now have a chainsaw (that doesn't belong to me) stuck in my tree. The limbs that have been successfully sawn down are laying in my yard, and the chainsaw is stuck in my tree. S-T-U-C-K. In my tree.

Also stuck in the tree are two leashes that I tried to use to pull the limb over to unstick the chainsaw.

I climbed up in this tree. Seriously. In the dark.

My back hurts, I'm sweating and nauseated, and I'm convinced that I have ticks all over me. I think I'll just go to bed.


Robin French said...

Oh geez, sorry you're so far away, i'd come help you! I'm expert at getting chainsaws stuck and killing mowers...

Wiggle the thingie on top of the sparkplug, see if that helps.

Kathy said...

That is such a bummer when you get a chain saw stuck in a tree. It usually takes two people to get it out. I still haven't been able to get ours started, so you're one step ahead of me.

Hope you have been luck with machines tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm no help at all. I call my nice neighbor when these things happen. Or my father who lives about a thousand miles away. One of the sucky things about being single is when mechanical things start going wrong!
P.S. The word verification is Stuipard but I'm sure that's no reflection on you or anything....(creepy hugs) LOL

Kelly said...

Hey my dad actually owns a lawnmower repair shop.......we can work something out if needed :) Where is the person that owns the chainsaw or were you cutting it down yourself?

Laura Carson said...

Well, my brother is coming over tonight to help me unstick this thing. When I told him what happened I thought he was going to hurt himself laughing. The punk.

Robin - it has a sparkplug?? Does it look like one on a car?

Kathy, I think you're right about it taking two peeps.

Carolyn, thanks for the creepy hugs. And no, it's no coincidence about your verification word, apparently. LOL!

Laura Carson said...

Kelly... the chainsaw belongs to my 79 year old Grandmother. So yeah, I was cutting limbs down all by myself.

I come from a long line of spunky women (who occasionally do stupid things). My great grandmother was once found in her back yard under an old oak tree. She had pulled a picnic table over there, and upon it she had stacked a chair and a five gallon bucket. She was up on top of all of that (she was like 5'1") and was sawing at a limb with a butcher knife.

Robin French said...


sheepkelpie said...

The lawn mower- check the spark plug, and then. Is it making any sound? Also, look to make sure mice have not chewed the wires. As for the chain saw, you must be careful girl.. I don't messs with them.. They have those extendable limb cutters- like girly chain saws- way more up my aisle!

BCxFour said...

I am absolutely no help to you whatsoever....I am laughing to hard & just inhaled my tea!!!! Oops I think I may have just had a mini accident...must check panties...


Chasing The Dog said...

Tree: 4
Laura: 0

It doesn't matter who wins the battle, only who wins the war. Strategize wisely.

Laura Carson said...


We Won! Take that stupid chainsaw eating tree. And just for your trouble I took a bunch of your little tentacles off, didn't I?? Ha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I can hardly move my fingers to type though, and I'm starting to ache from head to toe. I am beginning to wonder if the tree actually won after all.

Oh, and I paid my neighbor to haul away the limbs. How pathetic is that?

Paula said...

"P.S. The word verification is Stuipard but I'm sure that's no reflection on you or anything...."

Bwahahahaaaaaa! Hah! OK, that's the funniest thing I heard (read) all day.

Laura, congratulations. Way I see it, you have the chainsaw, the tree doesn't. You win.

Laura Carson said...

Good point Paula! I've learned some very valuable skills for sure lately. I'm going to make myself a very good husband one day.

I can move today - but I'm definately feeling the fact that I was hanging from the chainsaw (trying to wrench it free) the other night.

Sheepkelpie - it was a chainsaw on a stick - so the actual blade was like... 8-10 feet away from me, so no worries there. The bigger danger was a limb falling on my head actually. My brother thinks the mower problem has to do with the primer-hickey thingie. I managed to get the yard done, but it might be time for a trip to the home depot.