Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Are Not Amused

This is a very bad picture of Ginger as of last night at 5:25 P.M. I decided a week ago that maybe I'd start trying to shave her down myself. The above coat is only a partial coat for her - it gets another inch or two longer if I let it. So armed with my new clippers last night I tied her to the oven door (yes, seriously), sat on the kitchen floor and went to it.

Did I mention that I've never shaved another living being before? Well, other than my ex-husband's head and only once at that... if that tells you anything. Well, and then there's a few passes on a sheep here and there - not fabulous, and never have I done an entire sheep with clippers.

I happen to think Ginger looks pretty good - she's pretty smooth and seriously less hairy. Her legs are not as smooth as I'd like - that part was VERY tricky. She was good though - apparently she knows the drill because when I'd get ready to do a certain part she'd lift things up for me. Cracked ME up. She, however, is not amused.

Not. Amused.

Still not amused. I think the bath in the cactus somethingorother doggie shampoo may have made her feel less amused.

Nick, on the other hand is very amused.

Actually she feels mucho better - she's been doing zoomies in the living room this morning and prancing around like a spring chicken. But for some reason every time I pull out a camera at lunch she gets a bit grumpy. She forgives me though.
Breezy Hill SDT updates to follow later - I had to share the Turd's new 'Do first!


Jean said...

I think you did a great job - but, of course, Ginger's great ears will always be the focal point of any photo I see of her!
Love the pics of them smiling/laughing - I think dogs have the BEST smiley faces!

Robin French said...

I'm amused. :-)

Julie Poudrier said...

I love the amused faces of both Nick and Ginger. And girl, you are SO hired to give Farleigh his next shave. I'll even spring for a muzzle to help protect your various body parts from harm while you work your magic with the clippers. Ginger is a far cry (in a good way) from what Maia looked like when I was done with her! ;-)

Darci said...

your hired! LOL
she doesnt really like her legs done, so that can get a little difficult, but I think ya did a great first job! Ya already got work from JP now wait till Becca see's this, you'll have plenty of work to keep you busy!

Laura Carson said...

Darci - thanks! I think for a first time not bad. And believe it or not - she was VERY good about her legs. It was just... unwieldly trying to do them. She actually helped me by lifting them and evidently putting them into position for me - but I was a bit gunshy. But honestly they're not much worse then the've been before when we've gotten back from our regular groomer (look at her legs in her pic on the blog main page).

Maybe I've found my second calling. Bwaahahahahahahaha!

Laura Carson said...

Jean - I have to say that Ginger's ears are the bestest! ;)

Robin, lol.

Julie - glad to see I'm not fired before I've even started. I say bring on Farleigh Foo Foo.