Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My apologies to my Facebook friends for my oopsie post yesterday. I was looking around on Blogger and discovered (yes, just) that there is this "Stats" page. It tells you things like which sites refer people the most, and which search terms led to your blog and so on. I found the search list hysterical and was planning to copy and paste the list. Well, when Ctrl-V didn't work I tried Ctrl-P. In case you didn't know, Ctrl-P posts your post, even when it's blank. Oopsie!

So here's the list that has led people to my blog a bunch... aside from the usual suspects like "Crooks and Crazies" there is also:

white duck (probably inspired by the duck posts)
topsy turvy marijuana
tiny little house

and last but not least... wait for it....

marijuana plant two seeds in one pot

Yes. Really.

My guess would be that this post about my tiny little garden is responsible for a lot of that traffic.

Dear Federal peeps who inspect people who grow stuff like marijuana and stuff... I promise I wouldn't even consider it. I don't even know what a marijuana looks like, and I've never even smoked a cigarette. I think the worst thing I've ever done was accidentally stealing one of those size markers off of the racks at Belks when I was five. My mother helped me take them back and I was like... broken for life. Plus... I can't even grow my grass properly. Promise, so please don't haul me off for posting about my little upside down tomatoes. kthnx!


Impulsive Addict said...

This is hilarious!! Love the letter. PRICELESS!!

Control P? Hmm. Ok. I won't make that mistake!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love those doggies of yours! So cute.

Laura Carson said...

Thank you for stopping by here! I am exploring different blogs and getting to know people, and I reallly enjoyed visiting yours. And yes. Avoid the Ctr-P. Or maybe it was Ctr-C or Ctr-V. One of those did it. So press Control with a letter carefully. That's the moral of the story. Well, that and don't post things about your garden.

1ockedand1oaded said...

Haha, I like how you're grovelling to some invisible ban-hammer gods of the internet. "Oh grand Webmaster, place grant me access to facebook during lunch breaks."

Laura Carson said...

lol! Exactly. :) You know, it's really a prophylactic grovel. You know, just in case. Plus I wear my tinfoil underpants just for extra good measure.

Paula said...

Too funny!

Jean said...

Laura, there are a couple of other free stats sites you can download to Blogger which give even more details and interesting bits of trivia about your readers than the one Blogger provides. I think my favourite is (or it might be - both show up on my links).

I do enjoy seeing what words people googled that led them to my site. I think my favourite is "how to make tarben" - no doubt landed on my site because my friend's dog is named Tarben. I have a pretty good idea how he was 'made', but I sure can't figure out what tarben is other than a name!

Laura Carson said...

Jean, I can't figure out what a tarben is either. Maybe they meant turban??

I use sitemeter. I'm addicted to it. It's pathetic.