Friday, September 16, 2011

Lanyard Winner

Using a random drawing generator, cuz I didn't go to Zumba last night, we have a winner. Doniene won the drawing, and has the option of a lanyard or scarf. Doniene, I'll send you an email! Congratulations.

Completely coincidentally, Doniene has linked up every single week!

Pia Wild Wing says thank for playing!


Doniene said...

Thanks Laura!!! Pia is super!!! Love the light in her eyes. Have you been back on sheep with her? Worked Bess again this morning (about 5 times on stock now) and she is doing very well!! Drying working on downs, that'll do etc. She is a joy!!!


Laura Carson said...

Nope, I haven't worked her again yet. I probably won't do a whole lot with her yet - just take her out and show her sheep every month or two until she grows up a little.

Pia got to come along to work today - it cooled down enough to bring some dogs with so that I didn't have to go home at lunch. She has been such a trooper today!