Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Blather

Oh yes, it's time for another random blather post.

I got a new cell phone Friday two weeks ago. It randomly turns itself off when I try to view my own freaking blog with it. My own blog hates me. Or the phone hates me. Maybe both. This annoys me. It also begins to randomly flash the screen light on every 15 minutes beginning sometime around 4am. This also annoys me (um... hello... and it wakes me up). I'm going to have to go to the Verizon store tonight to take it back.


And, no, I don't recognize the ring tones on this phone as "rings" any more than I did the other one. I also don't lose it any less. However, it does have a nice little guard so that when I drop it (which I haven't yet) it won't damage it as much. Small favors.

I bought the unlimited ticket so that I could stream the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals to my leetle heart's content. Last year I could barely drag myself away from the screen. I cannot wait to start watching! If you want to watch too, take a look at the links in my post from yesterday. I just can't help it. In case you were wondering, buying the unlimited ticket is pretty much two weeks of very conservative grocery shopping. I will likely lose weight the next two weeks. Which, isn't that really the point? Sortof?

PBJ... oh PBJ... wherefor art thou, PBJ? In my belly you say? Oh my love, PBJ.

A Zumba instructor class has opened about 30 minutes from my house in November. I'm signing up tonight! Well, I will be if I ever get out of the phone store.

Oh yeah, I'll be teaching Cougar Dancing in NO time! Lookout world.

While farm-sitting for Julio little miss Pia turned on. I didn't get good video, but it was good! She went from bopping along behind me to WOOT SHEEP! in 0.2 seconds. Ok, more like thirty seconds.

I know I owe new Pia pictures. Soon, I promise! She has a few longish hairs near the withers, and off of her little butt cheeks but otherwise she's still downright slick. All but her floofy ears.

I'm thinking I might occasionally post some lanyards here, and if anyone wants to buy them they can. No pressure. Seriously.

I also promise to do the drawing tomorrow night. I live by myself and they don't take kindly to personal crap at work, so I've not had anyone to help. I'll get my sister (please!) to help me at Zumba.

I love ice cream cake.

Being lactose intolerant sucks.

This does not stop me from eating ice cream cake.

Or bacon cheese fries.

That is all.


Jaenne said...

Too bad work doesn't let you take care of personal things...we're so slow here that if we DIDN'T take care of personal things, we would go crazy! I'm loving the very relaxed state of my office right now, lol...although, I hate not being busy...can't wait for TMT! :-)...oh and watching the finals all weekend...

Laura Carson said...

Need a kickazz admin? lol

I'm cooking up questions already. muaahahahaha

Steffi said...

Okay - Zumba + bacon cheese fries + ice cream cake = one awesome night!! Those have got to be some of my favorite things, now I totally craving an Oreo ice cream cake!!

Hope you survived the phone store - those places are evil!

- Steffi

Laura Carson said...

Steffi, I did survive! I don't know how it happened, but I got a more expensive phone and wound up paying less money. My kind of deal!